Hey It Is P.R.I.D.E Week

So... It is that month again.

And we love all things, P.R.I.D.E. or whatever the fuck it is. Here, in Seattle.

So my throbbing question is...

What's the big deal?

I just read an article, on Kotaku. How having more queer relations in gaming, is apparently... This huge step forward for mankind.

...First of all, go fuck yourself with your rainbow. Get all that queer out, before you talk to me.


Who cares, who you fuck.

...If you want to loosen your asshole, so you can shit easier. Cool. Go find someone, and fuck.

...If you want to look like, a gender confused beta. Go ahead.

Cut your hair, cut your shit, or add some shit to your shit.

Who... The... Fuck... Cares.

Every month is straight month. You don't need normal people, shoving that fact in your face. Right?

Hey guys, I love pussy. And I'm gonna put this boner, in some wet pussy. It's gonna be great! YAY! I'm fucking a woman! Cause, I'm a bro.

...Hang on!

This moment would not be complete without -- a flag!

Wait! I need a shirt that says, "BEING S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T. IS GREAT!"

I definitely need this shirt.

And it has to be the most obnoxious color, imaginable. Neon... Orange.

I have pride too.

And YOU, better fucking know it.

We all know, this shit is going against what nature intended. And don't bullshit me, with that, love is love, bullshit.

Sure, love is love.

I'm not here to argue, what is wrong or right. What I'm saying is, don't go shoving your message in everyone's face.

There are 4 kinds of people out there:

1. The I don't care, though I'm personally not for it. I won't support it, but I won't protest it.

2. The I support you, but I'm straight.

3. The I'm a religious nut, and I am against it. And will speak out.

4. The I absolutely hate it, and will not stand for it. If I catch any of you alone. I'm gonna fucking gut you. You like things inside you, so... You WILL LOVE my knife inside YOU.

Now... Spreading your message, far and wide. Reaches all these people.

For example, I am a neutral player. I don't care what you do, or what happens to you. Just leave me out of it. Don't bother me.

Now? I'm being bothered.

And I'm annoyed.

Annoyed enough, to write all this.

I am seeing this shit FUCKING EVERYWHERE: online, the radio, video games, TV, fliers, fucking everything!

I enjoy the same things, you do. So, I get bombarded with this shit, all day.

I fucking get it, okay? I get it.

Yeah blah, blah, blah. The queer, had it tough. They been harassed and demonized for ages.


But that's not the case, anymore. It's a part of everyday life now. There's no changing that fact.

Just like how, current white people get a little irked, when black people blame them for slavery. I mean, they didn't do anything. Right? Just cause they white, doesn't mean they did anything wrong.

The past, was the past.

Now, on to another topic... Lesbians. They are probably the worst.

Those females, are an absolute shit-show when it comes to this: over-enthusiastic, over-excited and over-the-top.

Nag, nag, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Toss in a mission statement. Like the, "Lez-Do-It-Sister-Hood, of the traveling strap-on."

And they can go on for ages. Just talking in circles, about why they're so great.

I get it, you define yourself as a hard-corn lesbian. Lesbian is EVERYTHING. It's what you eat, and what you shit.

But what actually crossed my mind, when I read that article... Which was more like, a mother fucking encyclopedia.

Is this...

Is that your ONLY redeeming characteristic? Like... You're a dumbass, a shitty person, annoying as fuck, no redeeming aspects as a human, and kill animals?

So that's all you got to show case?

Your orientation?

...Nope, I don't give a fuck about people dying everyday.

...World hunger? Fuck that, what about two girls kissing on TV!? Way more important.

...Police brutality? You mean they, should like, totally have more queer officers. So I can identify with them?

...Environment, scchhh-vironment... Who cares.

...Racism? What racism!? The only people being discriminated against. Are my people!

These issues, are REAL issues.

They are also, too difficult to tackle. Whereas, your cause. Is an easy one to fight for, and feel good about.

Just keep trying to force people, into accepting you?

Makes sense.

Now just fucking go away, so I can enjoy my life. Cause Fucking shit, give a guy a break.


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