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First Time In California

I'm gonna attempt to do blogging, right.

That means, I'm actually gonna blog. AND remember to take pictures... This time.

I had no idea, how I managed to avoid going to Cali for 27 years.

27 years!

You can avoid having sex for 27 years... Easy. But avoid Cali-fucking-fornia for that long?

That takes dedication.

Especially when you live my lifestyle.

Today is August 16, 2018. And I have finally left my coop. Washington is about a 2 hour flight away.

I am in Santa Ana, staying at the La Quinta hotel. My home base of operations, for the week. While I execute my mission... For the truth.

The extreme legends... Tall-tales that are out of this world, of this mysterious land.

...I have come to find an answer.

Are California girls, really THAT pretty?

I have spent my time, hard-earned money, and traveled a great distance. To answer this question.

If the average girl at home, is about a 4-out-of-10.

The average here is, 6-out-of-10.


Sometimes I feel like, I'm seeing Kyl…