Gangster Asian Girls

So we get the formalities out of the way,

I'm Asian too.

Now that... That is out of the way.

A question I've always, ALWAYS wondered is... Do black people, just face palm, when they hear people:

...Like slutty Asian girls, with blonde hair.

...Who are as white as sour cream, at a country concert.

...So nerdy, and beta looking. They snap in half, from a slight breeze.

All talk like they from the hood?

"Yo, nigga!"

"Damnnnn nigga! It's been a fucking minute since I seen yo ass! Lets go back to the crib, and do some purp, some blow, and lots of mary jane."

It's like, bitch...

The most gangster thing you've ever done, is get fucked by a wanna-be rapper.

...You ain't fucking thug.

...You don't have a fucking gun.

...You're a law abiding, fucking bitch.

What do black people think, when they hear this shit?

I'm thinking, most of them give us a free pass.

Cause we are minority too.

But what about white people?

I'm sure NONE of them would say ANYTHING, that even rhymes with nigga. In the presence, of a black person. Especially the angry, gun-toting, pop-a-cap-in-any-white-boy's-ass thug from the projects.

Remember that one song?

This Is America.

It's true, all those posers. They want to be black... They adopt black culture. Whatever is cool at the moment.

But they don't give a fuck about the suffering, the difficulties, the stigma... Or even the cost, of being black.

Like, I can't afford all that fucking name-brand shit!

I mean...

I get it.

But hearing these Asian chicks, with their squeaky voices.

"Oh mah gawdddddd! Oh niggaaaaaaa! That's like, so fuckingGgGgG lit! Oh my fuckingggggg GAWWWWD!"

Oh, someone... Please.

Just put me out, of their misery.


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