So Writers Are Not Pretentious

Hear ye!

Hear ye!

After writing my first post, for fun.

I got some very expected hate.

Which is understandable, my style, is very in your face.

Before we begin, I would like to thank you. Why? Well, remember that post about book piracy?

Here is lesson one: any publicity, is good publicity. I would like to thank all of you. Those who support me, and those who hate me. For driving up my view count. Much appreciated.

So why do I think, writers are such pretentious mother fuckers?


"Piracy is like so, so wrong. Every book has to be paid for, no matter what."

"I know there are those without access: no money, no stores, and no libraries. But... Golly gee, there HAS TO BE OTHER WAYS!"

Well...? What are those other ways?

Let me translate that for you. What they're really saying, is... They don't give a fuck, if you are in that camp with no legal access. It was a "whelp, fuck if I know!" type of answer, so FUCK YOU!

Get off my door step, you third-world scum!

If writing a book is that hard, why aren't you busy whipping up another one. Instead of trolling Twitter, looking up #oceanofPDF, and hating on EVERY post that supports piracy.

A common question I get is,

"Hey Leo, you asshole. Why don't you work for free, then? Tell your boss, you don't want to get paid anymore. HOW BOUT THAT SMART GUY?!"

Sure, because unlike you. I'm not broke. I'm smart with my money.

Did you even see my Bucket List!?

Over 100K... CASH! In the bank.

I can handle a year (probably more) of expenses, and do absolutely NOTHING. I can work for free all day long.

In fact, I'm working for free right now. I'm writing this, because it is fun. And pissing off those Starbucks-chugging-hipsters, hiding behind their iMac, or whatever the fuck it is... IS JUST SO MUCH FUN!

"Why are you hiding behind a fake profile! Come! Face me! All you thieves are ashamed of yourselves, that's why you hide!"

Come find me on FaceBook, I go by the same name... I recently made a Twitter, specifically to post this shit. And you can thank this article, for inspiring me.

I don't read books, so I am the last person you should blame for your poverty.

Cause, I wouldn't buy any of your shit anyway.

So I'm not a thief, just another asshole.

All the comments, also revolve around the same shit:

...Leo is a FUCKING asshole.

...Why don't you work for free, then.

...Are you hiding behind a fake profile, cause you're ashamed?

...Writing a book is so hard! It costs a lot of money.

...Cheap people, bad.

...Poor people? Too bad.

...Oh yeah? Leo, why don't you apply the same logic to: cars, bikes, clothing, blah, blah, blah.

Let me ask you, if you saw a homeless person. And I'm talking, truly homeless. Not the drugged-out, lazy-asses roaming the streets nowadays.

And they stole from your restaurant, cause they were starving.

Applying the same logic...

Books are consumables right? You don't need them to survive. Just like fresh food, that dirt-bag could have eaten the leftovers in the garbage. Not a freshly cooked meal meant to be sold.

What would you do? Throw dat ass in jail?

Don't tell me.


Which brings me to my other point, if you can afford an Apple iTheFuck. You aren't broke...

And I totally forgot where I was going with that. Uhhh... Anyways.

What you're doing, is grouping a large number of people together. Then calling them all cheap, good-for-nothing thieves.

Reality is, there are multiple sides to every story.

As a "writer", you should be VERY well aware, of that fact.

That is like me... Calling all writers: pretentious, stuck-up, entitled pieces of shit.

I've certainly seen it. But I also see those, who took a more neutral approach. And those who supported the other side, and still made bank.

Its okay, though. Taking the shotgun approach? Shutting down the service for EVERYONE? I can respect that, a very asshole move... I like that.

For some reason, the more I hear your defense. As to why... Piracy is like, the worse thing everrr.

The MORE I hate you.

UPDATE: So, I see all these writers... Attacking the very people, they are trying to hustle.

Its like, are you serious?

...You shut down a service, they depended on.

...You just insulted all your potential customers, by calling them shitty thieves.

...And now, you want to guilt-trip them, into handing over their money.

You know what you just created?

Come on, you should be smart enough to figure this out... RESENTMENT.

"Why yes, kind sir, I would love to pay you. What's that? I'm also a piece of shit? Wow, you deserve every penny... Please, keep the change."

So a message to all pirates, turned customers.

Before you buy a book, any book. Look up #oceanofPDF and #piracy on Twitter. See what your favorite author has to say about you. Kind of like a ghetto Yelp.

Think hard, does this person... Deserve my money?

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Which brings us to.

Why am I, defending pirates. When I am in no way, shape, or form... Involved. In ANY OF THIS.

The answer is very easy. 

I fight for the little guy. And I hate hipsters.


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