Gender Fluid Parents

Oh shit!

So I found my people.

All this bullshit going on in the world. The more I see it, the more I am ashamed to be human.

I try to be accepting and considerate, I really do... I...

...Don't hate it.

...Don't support it.

Just leave me the fuck alone.

But the level of retardation in this world, is out of control.

And these bitches are doing it just for the attention.

They announced it, before the first snip even happened! LOL! The comments from other people, really speak for themselves.

"this is what happens when two -10/10's get together and have a child
we need a war, famine or plague to bring people back to reality srs"

A little excessive, but fuck YEAH.

"This chit is multiple mental disorders and a product of a deteriorating society, the biggest loser here is the child who has absolutely no chance in life now, will probably continue cycle if he has children"

I mean... You have to have SOME issues, if you think the best course of action... Is to cut up your body for no damn reason.

"this is why the aliens haven't made official contact. they're like, "no. that place is Fuct and we can't let is spread throughout the galaxy."."

Maybe I need to move to the country side.

Far, far away from this cesspool...

I dunno what THE FUCK this world is turning into.

It was beautiful before, now all the green shit is being bulldozed to create "new homes for communities".

And everywhere I go, it's butch lesbians with...? Lesbo-emo-fantabulous-bowl-cuts? Or whatever the fuck.

Maybe... they just tell the stylist,

"Give me the cut, that just screams, L.G.B.T."

I don't know what the fuck, their style is. 

And then... There's the beta as fuck, cucks. Spineless and ball-less. The feminists really have succeeded...

I almost wish for the days of old. Where assholes and douche bags, roamed the streets.

Where there was an alpha, you can look up to.

Now it's all gone.

Who in the right mind, would go and fuck up their body? For fun!

...Even piercings get infected.

Why would you open yourself up to all that?


How about the kid?

Did anyone think about that?

The school environment, is savage. You have no idea.

Those punk-ass bitches with fucked up necks, cause they're always staring at their iPhones. 

Unless you're super confident in yourself, and can make people see you as, "the cool gender-neutral kid" you are pretty much fucked.

This is how school shootings and suicides happen, people.

These parents created the perfect bait, for bullies.

You can not, NOT, see what's coming.


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