Return Of The Nazi?

According to Twitter, our Nazi friends are making a comeback.


According to my non-intellectual, drunk analysis...

A lot of this shit talk, stabbing, shooting, girl stealing... A lot of it could have been avoided, if people actually sat down to have a chat.

Preferably over some Hennessy, on the rocks.

Now those are the issues, revolving around a miscommunication. And mere cultural shit.

But when them assholes from the Middle East, come here and walk around Wal-Mart, like they own the place.

...Like they got beef with everyone.

...Like they're superior to ME!?

Hell no.

That's probably how it was back home:

...Women can't speak.

...And you're King.

...You get some cool white robes.

But not here, Prince Of Persia. Here, you are the same as everyone else.

I don't understand, how some people can move to a new country. And expect it to be just like, home...

You want me to come in to your house...

And AR-15 a pig until it turns into bacon. Then cook up some burgers, in the bathroom?

All while... My Murica flag, is blowing in the wind?


So why are you being a shitty guest?

Especially when, those countries are saving your ass from being sawed open by Isis.

Learn to be a respectful guest, throw your beer bottles away. Remember to puke into the toilet, wipe up when your done... Don't gang-rape people.

...Blend in.

It's not that hard.

You can keep your roots, just learn to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

I've always complained about Russians. Especially when they're in a group.

...Them assholes will take up the entire sidewalk, and not move. Like a rolling road block, composed of 100-proof douche.

...Anyone going the opposite way, will need to jump in the bushes.

But that's a minor inconvenience.

What I've been seeing lately, with migrants killing, raping, and just generally kicking the ass... Of citizens, in their host-country? In every possible way.

That's fucked up.

Stabbing someone who just saved your ass from murder, kind of fucked up.

It's like, come on guys... You're not doing anything to help that stereotype. Your proving to the world, you ARE savages.

Man these shots are making me feel... MOTIVATIONAL!

I mean, how can someone... ANYONE. Who apparently, is way better educated and paid, than I am. Making all these decisions, and not seeing what I'm seeing?

...Are the people in charge, that stupid? That clueless?

...Are we all being played?

All over the world, there are hippie, rainbow-loving politicians in charge. They want to force everyone on their happy-hugs agenda.

Social media, and the mainstream media blows up!

Then everyone picks a side... Everyone is either far-left, or far-right. Whatever.

It feels very... Set up.

Like someone is trying to set off a huge explosive, quietly. So they're mixing the chemicals for that bomb. Very, very slowly.

Until the mixture is just right, primed to go off. BOOM! With the tiniest spark.

And someone always gets paid, when there is a conflict. Right? Right.

Maybe someone wants a payday.

Or maybe, while everyone is busy fighting within their own borders. Someone will swoop in, and take over everything.

...China? Russia? Rich, evil video-game baddies of the world?

I see you.

I'm not one for conspiracies, but I like to entertain the ideas.

It's good to consider, all possibilities.

After all, what can normal people do? Anyways.

Once that avalanche, starts going. There's no turning back. You can only clean up the aftermath. And hope no one builds their house under an avalanche, ever again.

Is it already past the point, of no return?

Guess we will see.

This all boils down to... Why can't we all just get along? Get drunk together? Go find bitches together?

I really don't understand. It seems like, there is no one willing to be the first, to say hello. Y'all too proud, of something. Too stuck, in the old ways... It is a different world, for everyone.

Hating each other... It takes a lot of energy. Nobody wants to commit to all that, just for the hell of it...

Everyone needs to change.

Or you will continue, adding fuel to... You know what. Then we all die. Oh well.

Better luck next time, GG.


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