That Is It, I Am Disconnecting

After drinking s few beers, I got thinking.

You know how, sometimes.

You do stuff that's not good for you. Then one day, out of the blue, you realize it?

It happened to me, and what I realized was this...

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... All the cool shit, kids are into nowadays. It's so FUCKING negative.

Like the shit people get up in arms about. It's the equivalent of a baby, kicking and screaming for attention.

After much reflection, I've come to a conclusion...

I know how mass shooters are made.

And they are made online.

I've been full of hate lately! So much hate, I could juice myself... Mix in a little vodka, a splash of Tabasco, Coke... A pinch of salt.

Lets not forget those little, mint, green things.

And you'd have a drink that FUCKS YOU, right up to space.

...You WILL puke your brains out.

...Have beer goggles, times one-hundred.

So I'm unplugging, yanking my Ethernet cable out of the wall. Fuck it.

I feel like, if this continues... I might go postal.

Luckily, I'm too pretty to be a school shooter. That... And I'm not in school anymore. But that's not the point.

The point is, I can see how it happens. And why it leads those cucks, into doing what they do.

For me, I'm the type to come to work naked... Start pissing on everyone, then throw my shit at the police.

I'm more the "mental meltdown" kind of guy.

Ever notice how, when you come home stressed, you feel like... You need to do something, anything, to help ease your boiling rage?

So you pull up the news... Or Facebook, and Facebook. Then finally, Facebook again.

You sit down, grab a beer and read up on some shit... Like those gender fluid parents, high-taxes, and hipsters.

Then you throw your phone away.

...You're in even worse shape now, than before!

So you end your day, even more angry! Your rage is almost full, just a little more. And you can perform your special attack!

The problem with all this social media nonsense, is that, you are now involved in everyone's business. Whether you want to, or not.

Whether it's in another state, or country. You're in.

And if you're the kind of person, who has to take action... Say something! You're gonna get frustrated. With no way to vent.

So you lash out online... Then get gang banged by a bunch of crazies. Or get an empowered fat chick, coming at you.

All up in your face, like she can kick your ass. And in reality, with the way men are nowadays... It's probably true.

So you get even more pissed off!


On some bitches!

And the cycle continues, over and over. There is no where to run... Everywhere you turn, it's the same bullshit. People cross-post shit, EVERYWHERE! And it's on every platform, there is no "trying to ignore it", when it's right there!

And the shit, always comes with the same fucking lunatics, cheering it on.

If your opinion isn't THIS, then it better be... Cause you see those pitchforks? They're gonna go right up that ass.

Day after day, year after year. You store this bad ju-ju. Everyone has their limit, right? Right... And your phone addiction only fuels the fire.

Because everyday, you're being hammered the same shit.

...You go crazy.

...Or you disconnect.

Sometimes, we just need to walk away. 

Force ourselves to just fuck right off. 

When you surround yourself with mindless zombies, you will turn into one. And you won't even realize it, until its too late.

Log out of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever... And stop looking at bullshit.

No more "opinions" or "comments".

Find stuff that makes you happy. Not,





 It is time, to take a step back.


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