The Dine N' Dash Dater

First of all, this is pretty shitty. Even an asshole (such as I), would pay for the lady on a first date.

Then again... With all this feminism going on. And demand for equality, and shit.

Those bitches should try paying for MY meal.

As I said...


Like asking someone if they D.T.F. Then coughing up the dough, in an effort to woo them - into fucking.

...But actually, you go home with a hug.

You see, Don Julio... Might be a douche. But he is merely, returning the favor.

For guys everywhere.

How many times, has a girl went out on a "date" just for the free shit?

I could sue half the city I'm living in.

Which makes me wonder, why aren't women asking guys out yet? Why? And who is demanding all this progress? Is it the butch lesbians? It has to be...

Am I THAT out of touch with reality?

And to be honest... I don't feel too bad for what Don Juan did. Them girls do the same, all the time.
And the world expects us, to just man up...

"Quit being a bitch, Leo! Stop crying."

"It's part of being a man."

Yeah sure... But when the situation is reversed, it's a felony.

The most fucked up part of this story?

Dipping out, on paying the salon.

I learned a lot, fucking my current girlfriend. Who is also a nail technician... I get some, then get my toes done. Being beautiful is such hard work.

So I pumped (fucked) her for information.

She spilled the beans, and then some. And now... I know you women's, biggest secret!

How cheap all y'all women are.

...You tip like shit.

...Walk out of paying, or try to.

...Even better, you pay. Then recall the charge.

...Or make shit up, for discounts and freebies.

How about coming in, getting a $200 service done... Go up to the cashier, then say you don't have enough money. Only $20.

What in the FUCK? Are you serious?

I expected way better from the female species. I expected us guys to be the: cheap, condescending, shit bags.

But nope, it's the women going to your local nail salon.

Now... Casanova...

You might have done gone fucked up.

You can fuck over random bitches, all day. But fucking over someone, who made you beautiful?

...That is a low, low move.

Piece of shit, try doing that to a barber. Bro will horror movie your ass! Skin you fucking alive, with that razor.

I just made over $1000 in an 8-hour shift.

So I'm not too angry.

Just appalled.

Very... Appalled. And strangely hungry.


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