Too Proud To Listen

All over the world, there are people who can be better.

...But they are too proud.

...Too stubborn.

...Too stupid.

They are... Too proud to listen.

It's like, having that friend who drinks way too much.

And you care.

So every now and then. You offer a heart-felt,

"Hey... You really shouldn't fucking drink so much."

And your friend is all,

"FUCK YOU! Let me live my life, I do what I want."

Then you're like,

"But dude. I'm only telling you this, cause I don't want to see you fucking dead. Pushing up daisies, and shit. You know?"

They storm off... Murmuring,

"Man, fuck that guy. Fuck Leo! Fucking asshole..."

Isn't it rough sometimes? All you wanted to do, was help. But you just ended up pissing someone off, as usual.

Except there is a big difference between pissing someone off, on purpose and NOT on purpose

And if someone gets pissed off, when I'm not trying to piss them off. Then, I get pissed off... Then it becomes a cluster-fuck of anger. That's when someone gets stabbed with shards, from a Hennessy bottle.

"Gee, that person was totally right. Maybe fucking a cactus, really IS bad for my asshole."

But having to hear someone else, tell you the obvious. You swell with pride. There is no way in hell, I will admit that I HAVE A PROBLEM.

So stick that cactus, right back up dat ass.

But seriously, for real.

...Don't fuck a cactus.

It's like, pointy...

Right... So as an adult. You should really know, when someone is trying to help you... It might be a tough pill to digest. It won't go down, without a fight.

But part of being human, is learning. Analyzing, intellectualizing, and something-izing...

Lets be real, unless you've been raised to worship the different ways to kill yourself. You've known for a long time.

...Your stomach is getting fucked, by that Hennessy.

...Cigarettes will kill you.

...Drugs will definitely kill you.

...All that fat shit, you're inhaling. Will FOR SURE kill you dead.

Everyone knows when they are fucking themselves up. It's just... We like to pretend we're not. And that we're in control... And not wasting away.

Sometimes, the best way to find your better life. Is to admit, you're ruining your current one. Think,

"What am I doing wrong? What do I know, needs changing."

Change it.

Slowly? Quickly? It doesn't matter... Just do it.


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