Is Your Upload Stuck On Instagram?

You just videotaped, yourself...

Doing the #tidepodchallenge, and it is time to upload your masterpiece!

But what's that?

Your viral video got stuck!

You will never be famous!

...There will be no kids/grandma/dog reaction videos.

...No epic-trap mixes.

...And forget being rich and famous.

Your future, as we know it... Is over.

So what should we do, before those Tide pods burst open and kill you?

Don't worry, I have the answer.

I have a Google Pixel 2, a phone worthy of only pimps. Here is what you do to save yourself:

- Find your Settings.

- Hit Storage.

- Go to Files.

- Find your Instagram folder.

- And delete it.

- Then open up Instagram, again.

It should show you a little message, saying it could not upload your masterpiece, because it is missing, or something like that.

And that is it!


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