Turned Away Because Of Your Outfit

"Oh, well... You can keep being poor, cause I'm not interviewing you."

You might as well tell'em to fuck right on off.

See those rock over there?

Go kick some...

Just cut to the chase, and say what you REALLY wanted to say.

"We don't hire no Mexicans hurrr, we don't like yo kind round herrr."

I'm not poor.

In fact, I probably make over double what this manager bitch makes.

Listen, next time you wanna turn someone down for some bullshit reason.

Learn a thing or two from my company. Make up some shit, any stupid shit will do. So you don't sound fucking retarded.

"Oh, sorry you're not qualified."

"Hey, I'm sorry. But we already got some asshole for the position."

Well manager bitch... Keep on bitching.

The fact that your restaurant has been around for 100 years, does speak for itself.

Yes, asshole PR representative. It really does mean a lot. It means you fuckers cater to racist, pretentious, garbage... Like manager bitch.

And probably me.

So yes, I encourage you all to spend your money at this restaurant.

Because they are so good, you have to wear a fucking suit to even wash their dishes.

Come look at my company, we pay fucking Klu Klux Klan skin-heads, wrinkly old Hell's Angels bikers, and MS-13 thugs well over 100K a year.

And you say, someone in shorts doesn't deserve a job?

Your number of years open as a business, and employee numbers...

"We reached out to the legal department of Jim's Restaurant. They refused to comment on this specific case. They did say their 70-year reputation and more than 12-hundred tenured employees speaks for itself."

Means shit. The fact that, THAT is your response to all this; means, the shit is rotten from the top down.

Seriously, what do your employees and reputation have to do with Manager Bitch? Are they all like that? Do they all have the managerial skills of a shit-throwing chimpanzee?



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