The #ThotAudit

The hipsters are on fire!

Since when, has it ever been okay... NOT to pay your taxes, with sole reason being, you were being "brave" by fingering your asshole online?

I mean, tell me.

I'm honestly all ears.

All these pussy-whipped, and straight up pathetic excuses for adult men; are jumping in to defend these bitches.

So I have pay over 30K a year in taxes.

And they don't?


So we are defending them, why? Is it because we're dealing with the under-privileged here? It is because they're orphans trying to make a buck? Or is it because they're:





...Not paying taxes?

...Making free income doing the easiest job on the planet?

Oh I get it, it's all of it.

You're all coming in with a jab - Stating that,

"It's not a problem, bro!"

Because these assholes, the ones all pissed off and angry for no reason. They're just lonely, pissed-off virgins.

"They're just mad cause they can't get laid, so their expression of this frustration is to lash out at these beautiful women!"

They also hate women... Probably?

"This is there survival! How else would these poor cam-girls, SnapChat sluts, and exhibitionists buy their shit! This is their livelihood! You monster!"

How about... Getting a job like the rest of us?

Yes, committing a felony is such a great IDEA!

I should try it.

What should I do fellas? I dunno, I'm feeling pretty brave.

...How about a drug dealer?



I mean, if the media is going to jump in to defend my honor. Why not, right!?

I will bet all of you right now. With absolute certainty, that if the situation was different,

And... Instead of sluts, LGBT-bians, and gender-confused blobs.

This was about straight, white males.

I bet you with laser like precision, that you would all be screaming,

"Down with the devil!"

"Crucify! Crucify! Crucify!"

Am I right?

Or am I right?

I know I'm right.


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