Bitch Threatened To Beat You Up

How low have we come as a fucking male species.

I mean seriously.

How low did y'all go.

I'm about to do another drunk post, this is real talk fellas.

Tonight I went out with a couple coworkers: one is a original gangster, the other is a liberal.

Need I say more?

Now notice the differences.

...Both were talking to this one chick.

She was white with a "I-wanna-be-a-gangster-bitch" attitude, looked like a stoner but wasn't chill... And all at the same time. You know... I don't know, I'm confused.

She just looked like a bitch.


The OG got hit with some trash talk, but she pulled a quick reversal,

"Oh no, OMG. Just kidding! No really doe, whatchu doing round these parts."

I guess she was digging the gangster. She explained how we're in her hood, and shit like that... Sure... Guess she's trying to say she's a bad bitch.

I didn't know living in a rich, white neighborhood was JUST like living in the projects!

Now, that other asshole took a stab at it too.

The hipster went in with...

"Hey you look really cute! You look like a party girl..."

And she shot back with,

"If you fucking call me cute again, I will fucking kick your ass!"

Reminds me of that stripper bitch.

Got all up in his face, just like the stripper bitch too! Wow! Guess that asshole just has a very punch-able face!

You know what, I don't blame the bitches. I hate liberals too.

Lesson one assholes!

Don't be beta, or you will end up just like my friend... That is, unless you actually enjoy bitches taking your balls and tossing them in the trash.

I don't judge.

You can do whatever you want with your balls.

The bouncer had to protect MY FRIEND from this bitch.

How fucking sad is that!?

I pushed both those assholes to the side, and told them to fuck talking to this fucking garbage-bin level bitch.

Seriously, that bitch wanted to knock YOU out?

Well if she think she got balls, I hope she can also take a punch. Because if you wanna talk like a man. You better take a hit like a man too.

These empowered bitches talk good game, like they got something to prove. Because they got fucking SJW maggots protecting their asses, and they know nothing is ever going to happen.

Because the world is holding you back.

Sometimes... I think about how the Arabs treat their women. And how it actually - makes sense.

You think you can kick my ass?

I'd love to see you try.

Let's go to a room, just me and you, with none of these white knights. Let's see how tough you talk then.

Yeah... Probably stay pretty quiet, eh?

That's what I thought.


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