Rihanna Was Fat-Shamed

This article from the Revelist, hating on Barstool Sports...

People are acting as if anything you say about a women, or the plethora of "groups" out there...

"You are harassing totally innocent people, and for no reason!"

Uh no, it is not even close to being innocent.

I love women, I even have a girlfriend which might shock you.

But the ones I'm directing my all hate towards... are feminists.

The other normal, rational women are lovely.

So here we are... All up in arms and absolutely triggered because someone called one of you fat.

What if it is true?

You ARE getting thiccc, and need to cut back on the donuts.

Can you not take criticism?

Because Rihanna apparently took it very well, responding in a very funny way! You cannot hate on that picture of the Gucci.

And no one seems to have a problem making fun of my beer belly?

Yet I'm not crying either, so?

Maybe the issue really isn't what so-and-so said, but how thin the skin on our fellow net-itizens have gotten. There will always be an asshole (such as I) who will go spouting nonsense. Is everyone going to freak out until people stop being douche bags?


I mean, I wouldn't go out and do the same thing. After all... I'm way more high-class than that. And I'm not a dumb ass, sometimes.

But the part that gets me is, there are WOMEN who will say.

"Oh, I don't date blacks."

"Sorry. You're too short."

"I'm not attracted to Asians."

"I'm only attracted to someone whose fit."

And these bitches have the audacity to project this bullshit "attraction" excuse.

Yet no one is outraged?

Everyone just tucks that tail between their legs and let out a big sigh,

"Oh, that is just her preference."

"Yeah it's okay, just move on."

No it is not fucking okay, so it's okay for bitches to discriminate against YOU but no way in hell is it allowed the other way around.

The moment that I proclaim to not enjoy partaking fat chicks the world will suddenly explode.

Sound like a double standard to me.


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