The Embodiment Of Cuck

You ever meet someone so beta, that when you see what they got to say, you can't help but just laugh?

I mean, look at the response that I got.

"Ones" - what are those?

"Stripper" - unclear on the concept.

"I go in to Pandora or Sands, I "engage with a lap-entertainment specialist", and, "for minor discretionary renumeration", certain "non-transactional pleasurable services are rendered. ".

The difference is, the pleasure consultant does not feel like a cheap tool. And she shouldn't; she's an expensive tool. Very high batting average. No gansta-rap gold-tooth-cap baggy-pants posing needed."

First of all, you spelled "remuneration" wrong.

What the fuck are you even trying to say?

"...Lap-entertainment specialist."

"...Minor discretionary renumeration."

Wow, sounding pretty spiffy there.

"...Non-transactional pleasurable services."

"...Pleasure consultant."


I don't even know if our hero is being serious or not.

But I was called out, because apparently, throwing ones at strippers was too much. And it was so unbelievable that something had to be said! Then you surf to find some more big words to use so you sound smart, yet strangely butt-hurt at the same time. 

You can tell this person is just oozing mommy issues... you don't need to be so afraid of who you are. Just come out and say you're one of those "why if I may be so obliged, m'lady" fucking losers. Trying to pick up chicks while speaking like they are from the 1800's. 

Has that ever worked?

This is a basic staple for basement dwelling nerds, hitting on them thots posting nudes on Reddit. I would literally pay to see this work on someone.

"Why m'lady if I may be so obliged to suckle thy succulent titties. I hope this sonnet has convinced thee to come back to my abode"
The asshole's name is Rousse, or something like that, on this sex forum I like to frequent. You can tell by the name that this person is most likely a cuck. And if it weren't for these executive entertainment engineering specialists, this person would most likely still be a virgin.

Pleasure consultant... if you need to slap fancy words on something to make it less sad, then by all means.


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