The Embodiment Of Cuck

You ever meet someone so beta,

That when you see what they got to say, you can't help but just laugh?

I mean,

Just look at this shit.

I can't even be mad at this.

"Ones" - what are those?

"Stripper" - unclear on the concept.

"I go in to Pandora or Sands, I "engage with a lap-entertainment specialist", and, "for minor discretionary renumeration", certain "non-transactional pleasurable services are rendered. ".

The difference is, the pleasure consultant does not feel like a cheap tool. And she shouldn't; she's an expensive tool. Very high batting average. No gansta-rap gold-tooth-cap baggy-pants posing needed."

Sounds like someone got confidence issues.

First of all, you spelt "remuneration" wrong.

It's like, if you hate yourself SO MUCH that strippers are your go-to angelic savior.


It's time to just call it quits on life.

I mean, just look at all this!

"...Lap-entertainment specialist."

"...Minor discretionary renumeration."

Wow, sounding pretty spiffy there. I don't even know what renumeration means or if it's even a real word!

"...Non-transactional pleasurable services."

"...Pleasure consultant."


I don't even know if our hero is being serious or not.

But I was called out, because apparently, me throwing ones at strippers was too much. And it was so unbelievable that something had to be said!

So I replied,

"Come watch me do it."

One thing I do know is, bro is butt-hurt about something I said. I just don't know what! But let me sum this all up in an easy to understand manner.

Let me pretend to be our super star, for a second.

"I'm a cuck, with no trace of testosterone in my system. AT ALL.




And every girl gets to step on my ball sack like the floor mat it truly is.

I mean really, sluts are doing ME the favor by taking my money.

And they can take as much as they want. Because I don't matter, I work all day long just to pay $400 for something most people (like Leo) get for free.

But they are experts in their field! Highly-trained and educated specialists in the art of sensual seduction.

No they aren't just sitting on me and grinding.

It is art, I say!"

Phew, guys I'm back.

You know what guys, I think I get it. After spending those two minutes in the shoes of someone else, I feel like, I understand.

When you live life as a bitch, it is strange when you see someone acting alpha. So you puff up, and get your pink "I'm A Feminist" shirt then outrage!

"You are such an animal! I'm completely appalled at your ostentatious douche-baggery!"

You say.

Then you surf to find some more big words to use so you sound smart, yet strangely butt-hurt at the same time.  Now THAT is an art in itself.

You know what? I get you.

Thank you for saving the sluts of the world!


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