This Pretty Much Sums Up Everything

Now if there is anything more to the point.

"hahaha reddit is full of left wing cucks, you really are out of touch with this movement, it isn't a page on reddit or a youtube channel, it is the men of my generation that have grown up with their eyes wide open to female nature

The cuck boomers and gen x generations have completely fkd us over, with its left-wing economics, laws, media, education, etc. The right was completely silenced for decades, the new right is slowly rising. The left is screaming oppression, when in reality its the right that is the grass roots movement, and the left which has the corporations, career politicians and globalists behind it actively trying to stamp out the new right.

I don't hate women, just believe on average they are inferior to men - Someone holding this view in 2018 might blow your mind, but that's just because people have been so brainwashed in accepting completely without question that we must be equal. The fact that you don't understand why I brought up evolutionary biology shows the argument went completely over your head. Don't worry your pretty little head go play in another thread, I think people in this thread have had enough of you."

I think this post from the Misc. section, of the BodyBuilding forum, sums everything wrong with the world nicely.

I'm not hating, I'm just stating the facts.

YOU are being brainwashed into accepting bullshit behavior as normal.

...To suppress your pride.

...To believe you being you, is wrong.

...To think being a fucking man, is arrogant/ignorant/narcissistic/conceited/perverted/abhorrent. 

*Insert any hipster term to describe outrage here*

To be normal, is bad?

To tuck your tail between your legs and run if there is any confrontation with a woman? And you can't say anything negative to a woman, queer, or loser...?

Even if they were in the wrong?

Or just fucking disgusting like how those LGBTQBBQROFL swamp monsters made flags out of dildos?

"No, no! That is the beauty of love! They are simply expressing their love in a different medium."

Very, very expressive! I'm exasperated by the beauty of it all.

Oh yes, if normal people did it... They would be called perverted, disgusting... blah.


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