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So I Joined SeekingArrangements

Some people would say, I don't respect women.

And some people, would be right as fuck.

One night, I had a couple shots and had an awesome idea!

Trying to get free pussy from Tinder wasn't working, so let's flip the cards. And no, I don't mean go L.G.B.T.L.M.A.O. Whatever.

Let's pretend to be a sugar daddy!

So during my Tinder days, I would try to find these "matches" right? And when I finally did, I'd shoot a couple messages,

"Hey, I love your *Insert bullshit* they look great on you. How are you?"
Start off with the same, old bullshit. It usually goes nowhere as you would quickly run out of shit to say.

A funny thing about Tinder is, I'd ask the bitch out and she would say no. So? What exactly was the point of all that chatter?

I only met one girl off Tinder.

And she was crazy.

The bitches from Tinder can be categorized into the following: crazy, ego-boosters, fat/ugly, and the catfish.

If you got a dink, and you're on Tinder... Be…

I Fought The LGBT Movement

Here we are,


I'mdrunk. And outside the house, somewhere.

Then one of those asshole friends of mine was all like,

"Hey Leo, you want a shot?"
 I replied,

"No, I'm good."
"Well that's fucking gay..."
An outraged, disembodied voice screams back,

"You got a problem with gay people?"
Andy spits back,

"Fuck you, I wasn't even talking to you."
Hey, what a coincidence! This is starting to remind me of that one night at the strip club. Except this time, we have an easily offended twink yelling at us.

How come everything reminds of that stripper bitch? Maybe I'm just scarred.

"No fuck YOU, you discriminating bigot! All you cis-males are the same!"
I tried ordering some popcorn from the bartenders, but they ignored me... It's okay, thanks for saving me money. No tips fah u! ASSHOLES.

But I was confused, what in the world is a cis-male? I've never heard that term before.




So I walked bac…