Females In 2018

Correction - the title should have said, SLUTS in 2018.

So it is the year 2018.

Or at least I hope so.

Hopefully, I will read this again in 40 years and be wrong. And laugh - To just have a good, hearty belly-laugh,

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Har! Har!"


Yes, that was quite good.

I don't know if I'm getting old, or if my ego is changing my perception of the people around me.

But females, especially the under 30 crowd.

And ESPECIALLY the 18-23 range.

I'm gonna sum everything up with the following sentence:

"Money, over bitches."

Sluts nowadays are so extra.

You know?

Loud, kinda stupid, in your face, zero respect, talks hella shit, acts like they're tough... Yet very insecure and sensitive.

...Poor you.

Reaching my late 20's, I've seen more grown-ass WOMEN acting like they're 12 than I'd like to admit.

Growing up, girls were supposed to be the mature ones... Because they mature faster than your punk-ass. They will blossom into beautiful young women before the first wrinkle even forms on those juvenile berries.


They blossom into beautiful, young BITCHES.

If you're a good-looking stud, then you get a free pass to do/say whatever you want. Wanna practice your Wrestle Mania moves on your girlfriend? No problem! 

She would even like it!

If you're not a stud: short, ugly, or Indian. Touch or say anything and...

The gaping vagina of mother Earth will open up and #MeToo your ass until you are nothing more than a puddle of filth.

Or she could just go after your livelihood. Its much easier.

"Hello manager? Hajib just sexually assaulted me!"


"Yes, the asshole touched my arm... UNINVITEDLY."

"Don't worry, Hajib will soon be no more."

Even if you were innocent, your co-workers will still come in the next day to see your crucified ass on the main gate.

Throw all the assholes (like me) into concentration camps, and gas them with scented perfumes from Bed Bath & Beyond until the toxic masculinity is broken.

The hard hitting truth is that females in 2018 have become corrupted. That is the easiest way to put it... 

They wanna act like men, enjoy the perks of being a man, fight like man - yet be treated like a delicate princess. Showered with affection, money, and gifts... And for what? Being beautiful?

"Uh, you're actually not that hot."

So you call them out on it, saying the bitch ain't shit... Personality is shit, looks are shit, everything is shit.

You become the bad guy.

Not the over-demanding bitch with an overinflated ego, screaming and yelling because she was called out. 

No, it's all you. Because you refused to bend over like everyone else.

You're woke.


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