I Just Saw A Gucci Ad

It was a long advertisement, like fucking five minutes?

Two obviously, ahem... Not vagina-friendly individuals were...?

What in the fuck?

They look like fucking clowns.

So this advertisement is trying to tell me to use the "beauty of nature" to inspire your art? I think? Maybe... I'm not sure.

And now your floating in the water, wearing a dress, and are those pearls on your eyeball?

Is it supposed to be some kind sexual innuendo?

Oh now we're picking some flowers, very delicately. The hat makes you look like a Teletubbie, but I digress.

It's fashion.

...Now humping some air, and dancing around?

...I didn't know flowers played EDM

...Cool, we are riding together on a motorcycle.

How cute.

Oh! You know!? I think I get it, we are supposed to feel the tingle of how in-tune you are with your art. How forward thinking you are!


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