Not Being 6-Feet Tall

I see a lot of females on the dating apps saying, if you're under 6-feet tall...

"Don't even bother."

It's funny because if you're 6-sexy-feet tall, you're considered more attractive. Right? Otherwise, why would these bitches even bother putting up a height filter.

Then you, also deserve an attractive woman.

But these bitches?

They're nothing special.

"I'm a beautiful woman, I say! We're all beautiful people!"


Bitches think they're all beautiful.

And like, totally not all the same... Maybe the crazy come in slightly different flavors, but I digress.

Except there is one big, big problem. Just like how some of you are short, and some are fucking tall. Not all bitches are beautiful or attractive... That's just fact.

I'm short, and that's that. It's true.

And you're ugly.

Demands like that from 5'10 skinny model-types, or sugar mamas...? Sure I understand. They got something worthwhile, whether it be looks or money. They got something to offer that no one else got. Something to warrant their demands. Something special.

But from your average 5'7 fat bitch? The same bitch whose lazy, uneducated, broke ass... Can't even bother hit the gym twice a week!? Are you serious?

What do you have, aside from your seriously misplaced confidence?

Girl... You better be able to, at least, curl a 20 to get this schlong.

We're in new times, people. We are in a time of equality.

If you can expect me to be rich, 6-feet tall, and... *Refer to your local bitches dating profile, for more info*

Then you better have some amazing quality to offer too. Fair right?

I guess the whole reason my Calvin Klein whitey-tidies are in a bunch is because of this, these bitches can discriminate and ass-fuck-minate us brahs.. But, if you and I did the same thing? Let's say we put up,

"If you're over 100 pounds, don't bother message me."

Lets pull out the race card too.

"I'm sorry, I'm also not attracted to Blacks or Indians."

Hell come raining down.

If females do it, then it is A-Okay.

"That's just her preference! She has a right to choose who she wants to date."

"She can do whatever she wants with her body!"

Said by every outraged female and their cucks.

But if you're motherfucking man, you don't have the same right? Or is it less of an issue than if it was a woman?

You're supposed to be equals... But secretly, the scale tips towards your bitch counterparts more. You have to treat them extra special... They're women, duh! Oh, but we're equals? But actually, uh, guess not really.

Am I right?

You dumb, cuckolded, bitch of a man. You have been brainwashed to the point where a racist, discriminating bigot-bitch can declare that you're less of a person because you were born, YOU...





Or worse, Indian. Really. These poor souls get the most hate out of anyone. Even hookers are putting up the disclaimer... "No blacks, and no Indians."

And nobody bats an eye? Seriously, the downfall of the male species is happening. And no one seems to really care.

But enough about you people.

Lets talk about me.

I just read an article on Market Watch, and I apparently, have more money in the bank right now than 90 percent of Americans.

So that makes me pretty special.


I still don't go putting dumb shit on my dating profile.


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