Not Being 6-Feet Tall

I see a lot of females on the dating apps saying, if you're under 6-feet tall...

"Don't even bother."

It's funny because if you're 6-sexy-feet tall, you're considered more attractive. Right? Otherwise, why would these bitches even bother putting up a height filter. So being tall is definitely a huge plus, and being tall horizontally is also another... huge... plus... knowwhati'msayin?

Besides being straight up discriminated against by low IQ females... you also get some concrete stuck to your ass while playing in this highly competitive pool. Not only does life start your game on hard, that difficulty is applied to EVERYTHING

Want a hot model chick? Gotta be pretty tall.

Want a leadership position? Tall.
Want to be a model? Tall.
But these bitches?

Let us get back to those Tinder hoes, who want you to fuck off based solely on something you're born with, and have zero control over.

The funniest thing I see about all this is... these 4'11 100 pound sacks of overconfident yet somehow extremely self-conscious tater thots, coming in here demanding to only date fucking giants, which also makes me wonder how ergonomic that setup would be.
But are they worthy enough to date someone of such genetics?
And there is one big, big problem. Just like how some of you are short, and some are fucking tall. Not all bitches are beautiful or attractive... That's just fact.
I'm short, and that's that. It's true.

And you're ugly.


Who do I think is worthy to make such demands? 5'10 skinny model-types, or sugar mamas...? They got something worthwhile, whether it be looks or money. They got something to offer that no one else got. Something to warrant their demands.

But from your average chick whose too lazy to take care of their bodies, with zero redeeming qualities besides being bubbly, fun, and sassy... demanding the cream of the crop with that holy trinity of 6-6-6? What do you have, aside from your seriously misplaced confidence? Nothing.

Bitch let me educate you. We're in new times, people. We are in a time of equality.

So as equals, if you can expect me to be rich, 6-feet tall, and... whatever bullshit is spreading on Instagram. Then you better be fucking be under 120 pounds, with DD+ tits, have perfect hair, working that 6-figure career, and can cook a mean chicken fried steak.

Let's pull out the race card too. Some girls even discriminate against us based on our race, which is a  big no-no now isn't it?

"I'm sorry, I'm also not attracted to Blacks or Indians."

So if females do it, then it is OKAY!

"That's just her preference! She has a right to choose who she wants to date."

"She can do whatever she wants with her body!"

Said every outraged female and their cucks.

But if you're motherfucking brah, you don't have that same right? The point I'm trying to make is, if I publicly said I won't date any fat or Indian bitches, what does that make me? A piece of shit? A misogynist? Fat-phobic? A racist?

If a chick said the same thing, what does that make her? A feisty woman who simply knows what she wants?

If you want to discriminate against people for something they have zero control over, then you better not fucking bitch when they do the same to you.


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