Stupid Young People Lingo

When I was a kid, the old farts would always complain about how stupid all the kids sounded.

I was unfortunate enough to be stuck at a concert with these assholes. The ones who like to talk in their own language.

"Yo, was that concert was fucking yeet?"

What the hell is yeet?

"It's yeet bro."

 I have no fucking idea what you're trying to say? The concert was good?

"It was yeet."

Oh I get it now, so when I fucking knock your teeth out. It would be totally YEET!

There are so many cool terms!

Terms which I think are fucking retardation, at best. I mean some sound alright, like it makes sense.

"Yo, I'm faded."

Still sounds dumb.

"Man, that was fucking lit!"


"I'm fucking on cloud 9, right now!"

That is fucking stupid.

"Dude, your outfit is on-point."

Now that one makes sense.

"I'mma go Juul outside."

You mean vape? Oh no, its "different" because... Shut the fuck up. You're VAPING.

"Hey no worries brah, it's Gucci."

...I hope you don't seriously talk like that.


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