The Body Image-ally Challenged

Someone posted this masterpiece to the legendary MISC section of the Body Building forums. And I gotta say:

If the retards keep reproducing like this, then we... Are... Fucked.

"This British man has embraced his body rolls and man boobs, and is showing them off.

For years, Stevie Grice-Hart struggled with his weight and fluctuated between 252 pounds and 140 pounds.

“I grew up as a bigger kid,”

Grice-Hart, a 26-year-old financial advisor in Southampton, told The Post.

“I looked to the media for role models, but all I saw were ripped, chiseled guys with jawlines longer than my life expectancy. That just makes me feel worse about myself.”

 So he turned to crash dieting, calorie counting and working out seven days a week. Though he dropped about half of his body weight, which he described as “dangerously skinny,” Grice-Hart said he still felt unhappy.

“I lost not just the weight, but I lost a part of who I am,” Grice-Hart, who stands at 5-foot-10, said.

“I thought if I lost the weight, I’d suddenly be popular and wouldn’t have to worry about money … but that wasn’t true.”

He signed up for Instagram in 2016 hoping he could find fitness influencers to get more tips to keep himself slim. Instead, he came across plus-size female models who were posting untouched photos of themselves online, something that changed his perspective on body image.

“I needed to start living my 20s,” he said.

“I was missing out on my life just trying to be skinny.”

That’s when he started his journey for body positivity, posting photos of himself in his underwear on Instagram. Now he weighs about 170 pounds, follows a healthy vegan diet and says he’s never felt better.

“I get so many lovely messages from [men] as young as 11 to guys as old as 60,” Grice-Hart said.

“They say that they’ve never had a space to talk about [body issues]."

But still, Grice-Hart said people don’t talk enough about men and their self-esteem issues openly and honestly.

“Whereas women … have a community to nourish each other and talk about their issues, men don’t have that,” he said.

Grice-Hart, who is planning to adopt a baby with his 29-year-old husband, said he hopes he can be a body-positive role model for his future child.

“I wish there was somebody around telling me it’s OK to look exactly how you look,” he said.

“You don’t have to fit in a box. Not everyone has to look like the cover of Men’s Health and that’s OK. These people are still worthy of respect and love.”

Is it really!?

Is it REALLY cool to look like you:

...Are one burger away from coronary heart-disease?

I don't know... Isn't the whole point of life, to not like, fucking not die at 25?

And look at that weak mental strength.

"Oh! I need to look to others, to decide who I should be."

Yeah, good job being yourself. You even fail at fucking THAT!

Where is the line between, 

Encouraging someone to have a healthy self-esteem.

And... Enabling a self-delusion.

You can all sing about body-positive imagery. But when it comes down to it...What's actually attractive?

Back when fucking dinosaurs roamed the streets, getting drunk off prehistoric Hennessy, it was the strongest and fittest who survived.

The gender-confused, fat Tyrannosauruses... Guess what happened to them?

They're fertilizing that fern, over there.

They are that fat load of shit, freshly deposited, after being eaten and digested by the alpha-saurus.

Of course, that won't happen anytime soon. Because the world is catering to the weak. But what if all that changed?

What if one day, the world is no longer cozy and safe?

Think about that one.

“I thought if I lost the weight, I’d suddenly be popular and wouldn’t have to worry about money … but that wasn’t true.”

I don't know what fucking world this beta is from. But if that was the legit thought process, and the next logical step was to go post nudes on Instagram. Then this bitch got bigger issues than some fat around the midsection.

Even a little kid wouldn't think,

"Oh! If I'm skinny, I won't have to worry about money ever again!"

What in the fuck?

You know what all this actually means? It means this,

"I'm a fucking attention whore, and I will do anything to have people look at me! I'm skinny now, but people stopped complimenting me...! Time to be fat now! And when people get tired of fat me, I'm going to be a reptile."


"Gosh darn it! I will be the center of the universe! People will talk about me, stare at me, feel sorry for me, hate me, compliment me! Me! Me! Me!"


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