Social Media Ruined Women

And a little bit of everything else too.

As one of those assholes said,

One positive out of all this is that... At least now, it's wayyy easier to spot your wholesome wifey material. And that's "wifey" materia with ""l.

I can guarantee you, with a life-time fucking guarantee, that if you settle down with one of those Insta-Thots... whose main requirement is being fucking Mr. Moneybags McGee... she might stay with you 1-3 years... tops.

Good news is, ur rich1!!1! So finding another fine ass 20-something is no problem.

There really isn't anything I'm gonna say that hasn't already been said. But let's be real here, there are a lot of rich, desperate, horny, and probably ugly mother fuckers who would love to take a piss on your chick. And they'll fly her all around the world, tossing in another $10,000 on top for a golden shower fun filled weekend.All over her naked body while you wait at home.

Her DM's are open and will always be, like those lovely legs, she's probably one of the following: a fitness influencer, food influencer, makeup tutorial influencer, butt-stuff influencer, or maybe just another OnlyFans peddler.

I mean, who cares? 

I wouldn't know any of these people, even if they slapped me right on my beautiful face.Being "famous" isn't the same famous of the past, it is something much different.You can be well known for doing stupid dances on TikTok, dances which aren't even good.

Sadly, our youth these days look up to these people. So our future is fucked, since everyone's dream will be to dance around on Tik Tok all day... then call that hard work. Or better, pretend to workout then take pics of themself in some Calvin Kleins. But they'll probably just post slutty pics on the gram for that hunger games clout.

Just look at those fucking stupid short clips bullshit, available at any social media app you can think of, and you will see the world's most obnoxious chicks... try to look sexy. Maybe to teenagers and old farts?

All these bitches got a face.

I can't describe it.

But they all do this "face" that just looks fucking re... respectable. Like this face that screams "someone just poked my butt hole and I don't know who" mixed in with a "oh shit, I gotta shit" and this slightly desperate for a good pounding look. They all make that face while gyrating around for maybe 10 seconds. This shit doesn't even register on my tingles the dink meter, it is just pure degenerate low IQ shit.

The problem is, there are hordes of lonely basement dwellers who reward this shit. So naturally, women objectify themselves to please the patriarch that they hate so much. Now isn't that a fun one to think about?

Why don't these bitches get a picture of themselves reading a book? While like, not naked?

Social media would like you to believe that all those beautiful, strong, intelligent, independent, young women... They're all too good for you, and that you're a narcissistic alpha-bigot if you think any less.

But we got all these chicks catering to these incels... and lesbians... they want to see you pop them titties. Act like a dog while doing that weird eye thing. Show a little pussy on Facebook.Eat each other's shit like 2 girls 1 cup.

This shit is so sad, it isn't even attractive.

But hey, people can do whatever.



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