Social Media Ruined Women

And a little bit of everything else too.

As one of those assholes said,

One positive out of all this is that... At least now, it's wayyy easier to spot the crazy-thots.

Any self-respecting man will tell you... You fuck sluts then go find more to bang, not marry them.

And for God's sake, don't have kids with them either. Unless your dream is to be a single dad.

Fuck her raw, but jizz on her face or something.


Trust me.

I can guarantee you, with a life-time fucking guarantee, that if you settle down with one of those Insta-Whores... And you happen to have a lot of money... And are a cucked out little bitch...

You have maybe 2-years. Tops.

But she will be fucking other people at month 6. And that's if you're good, if you suck at eating pussy, then bless your soul.

There really isn't anything I'm gonna say that hasn't already been said.

So go see what other assholes like me had to say.

Here is a heart to heart, solid real-world wisdom here.

Respect yourself!

I mean are you gonna treat a egotistical, attention-whoring bitch like a lady?

No... You treat a lady, like a lady. And a slut, like a slut.

Don't get the two confused or mix them together.

You need to put the pussy down, just get that shit off your pedestal.

When you start getting more pussy... Licking more pussy, eating more pussy, fucking even more pussy, sticking your whole leg in all dat pussy.

You will get bored.

Not bored, like "I don't wanna fuck women anymore" bored.

But how can I describe it... Hmm...

Like that super-delicious-fat-juicy burger from Hole In Da Wall, and it looks so damn good! On TV, on paper, on titties... That burger be looking fine as hell.

You think about it, dream about it, caress it's photo on the wall.

You can't help but drool when you imagine taking a fat chunk of it, digesting that shit, then taking a nasty shit hours later.

So you go get one and,

"Oh mah gawd! This is like, so guddddd, I can eat it everyday!"

You binge on that shit until you drop.

It still taste good, so you eat away. Being personally responsible for the rising stock prices of Hole In Da Wall.

Until that one day, years later, you're not craving it as much anymore.

When you're in the mood, you grab a small meal and a Coke. And that's a good day right there. It's not a need anymore, it's a want.

You're in control, not the burger.

So what should you put on your pedestal?

*Plays something motivational*


Because pussy is like that burger, so many people like you put pussy on such a high shelf, you will never reach it.

Go get it, stop waiting for Hole In Da Wall to make a Uber Eats account.

Stop being picky, and go fuck something. Start with hookers if you're in bad shape, work your way up to free sex.

Once you get it, you've got it forever. When you finally realize that all pussy is the same, you're halfway there. Think of it as investing in yourself.

Once you've made the jump from sad sex, to getting it for free... You're armed with 70 percent of the tools.

But you can't jump straight to a 10/10 either, you need to work from the bottom.

Start with a 2/10, and practice your way up to that sexy bitch!

Fucking doesn't mean you're in a relationship either, so quit being a bitch. So what, if someone sees you out with the Loch Ness Monster? You're not going to marry it, you're gonna bang it.

Respectfully... If you want.

After an hour, no one is going to remember you anyways.

For those who are holding on to their virginity for "the one"... I have a secret to share, you WILL die a virgin.

You can't randomly pick a star in the sky, and have it hit you on the fucking head.

It's a numbers game.

You need to meet, fuck, and shack up with as many women as you can before commitment.

Just like car shopping, you'd want to see a bunch of Honduro Stallions before you plop down the 30K. Even then, you won't know how it fits until a year or so in.

...Do you still enjoy it's quirks?

...Is parking a damn land yacht still fun?

You won't know if she is fucking annoying, or damn perfect - 10/10 would marry. Until your over that bullshit butterfly, fireworks, and rainbows phase. And years in.

Social media would like you to believe that all those beautiful, strong, intelligent, independent, young women... They're all too good for you, you narcissistic alpha-bigot! That is like, totally somebody's daughter. She deserves a caring, strong, loyal... *Insert entitled bullshit*

But really, it is the other way around.

They need to earn the right to be with YOU.

It just so happens that most males voluntarily throw down their weapons, then willingly put their neck on the guillotine. I don't know why. Maybe they're reading too much Cosmo.


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