The People Of Reddit

And no... I don't read any of that regular, boring bullshit.

I hear from my friends that Reddit is like 90% blue-haired, half-shaved head, forever-angry liberals... so that right there would be a problem.

I'm only here to look at the girls.

This is something I've noticed over a long period of time. After many... Many... Many nights of drinking, while purveying in the fine art of nude bitches.

Am I the only one that noticed this?

Let me lay it out.

*Girl Posts Picture*

"Feeling cute, might delete later. I'm not sure yet LOLZ!"


"I'm so lonely! Someone come fuck me, I'm wet and ready for you!"

And yet, has a disclaimer in her profile that any creepers who DM her will get blocked? 😂


"Sign up for my premium Snap! $90! Anyone!?"


"I'mma do all you cucks a favor, and show you my tits. Here..."

Then said cucks, come and proclaim how grateful they are.

All together now.

"I'm... A loser."


That wasn't so bad.

I've read some serious cringe, and this isn't any regular old cringe, this is stuff that makes your butt hole pucker... permanently. It's that bad. There's always that m'lady knight of the cuck table, there trying to see if they could maybe pick up some pity sex. And don't forget the creeper who has a "girlfriend" and how the "girlfriend" also enjoyed that 4/10 nudie.

Yeah, sure.

Your... girlfriend.

Not to mention our resident rapist/pedophile/sex offender,

"I'd love to tie you up, run my fingers all over your naked body, then do as I wish with your orifices."

"I'd be obliged to lock you up and let you pleasure this dink, while I sip on some wine."


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