The People Of Reddit

And no... I don't read any of that regular, boring bullshit.

I hear from my friends over at the MISC that Reddit is like 90% liberal, so that right there would be a problem.

I'm only here to look at the girls.

This is something I've noticed over a long period of time. Many... Many nights of drinking, while purveying in the fine art of nude bitches.

Am I the only one that noticed this?

Let me lay it out.

*Girl Posts Picture*

"Feeling cute, might delete later. I'm not sure yet LOLZ!"


"I'm so lonely! Someone come fuck me, I'm wet and ready for you!"

And yet, has a disclaimer in her profile that any creepers who DM her will get blocked? 😂


"Sign up for my premium Snap! $90! Anyone!?"


"I'mma do all you cucks a favor, and show you my tits. Here..."

Then said cucks, come and proclaim how grateful they are.


"I've always been really shy about MAH BODEH. But thanks to Reddit, I'm no longer shy about being a whore body positive!"


"I've always been secretly a HUGE slut! No one in real life would even guess that I'm such a whore!"

Then when someone calls them a slut, they get mad.

I mean... Posting pictures of yourself to r/gonewild or r/tittydrop, isn't the same as sharing a recipe on Facebook. Okay?

Just come out and say it. You're being a hoe... These girls wanna be sluts, but they don't wanna admit it. Here, let me help you.

All together now.

"I'm... A whore."


That wasn't so bad.

Don't think I'm letting you fellas off the hook either. Because some of the comments I read from you are cringe as fuck.

There is the one with the girlfriend. And by girlfriend, I mean "girlfriend" you see.

"Me and my gurlfriend really enjoyed your pics."

"She totally saw me staring at your body. But whatever! She said she liked it too!"

Yeah, sure.

Your... "girlfriend."

Then we have the BDSM creeper...

"I'd love to tie you up, then do as I wish with your body."

"I'd be obliged to let you pleasure my dink, while I sip on this wine."

Pretty much anything that sounds rape-y, will come from the BDSM creeper.

Then there is the super-desperate virgin.

"You are a goddess among us animals!"

"You are the most stunning, breath-takingly beautiful creature, I have ever laid eyes upon."

"I would shoot up a school just to be with you!"

I get being horny, and letting your schlong do the talking. But come on... Do you think those lines would actually work?

Like the girl is going to see you laid out, ready to be the world's best door mat. Then ask if you wanna fuck?

Life isn't that easy muchacho.

Those comments usually sink to the bottom along with the other desperation.


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