Where Are The Controversial Blogs

Where did you guys hide all the controversial, unfiltered, funny bloggers?

I miss the olden days of Tucker Max and BrosLikeThisSite.

Nowadays... EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Is either sold-out or cucked-out.

I'm just going to have a couple shots, then lets talk about the current state of our internet.

I did a quick Google search for controversial blogs, and I was given a list. And in that list were two that stood out to me.



So I decided to check them out.

What I read was the exact same shit you would find in a billion other blogs.

The Roosh site had some good content from back in the day. It was all too woke, and very ahead of it's time. But all the new stuff is just shameless self-promotion, mixed in with influencer crap. And the ads that,  


Jesus Christ.

I will solemnly promise you all right here and now: Friday, July 26, 2019 at 9:20 PM.

I will never sell myself out, or become a cucked out bitch. Here is why,

...I make my own money. So I will never bend over for advertisers. Never.

...What you read are my real thoughts.

...I don't need to change anything about me, because I'm already successful. So if you like what you see (big boy 😘), then you will continue to see the same shit.

Ranting aside.

In keeping with my usual antics, here is another story.

The family and I were out camping, but not camping like most people think. We'd spend an hour or two in the woods, or somewhere that looks like one. Then go back and drink our vacation away - In a nice, comfy RV!

It is just great fun. Just a grand time!

Walking around the beach with a beer in hand, it's the one with that giant rock in the middle. I noticed something - Peculiar.

I am Asian, so I noticed. Very noticed.

I saw a ton of Asian/White couples.

And why is it always an Asian girl, with a white guy. Rarely, if ever, do I see it the other way around. And why is that!?

And what are the white women thinking? Are they like,

"All these Asian bitches, they be stealing all the white guys!"

Either way, I don't really care. But what I do know is, some of these Asian bitches are racist. They straight up discriminate against their own kind, telling people they only date white guys or some retarded shit like that.

That Roosh blog really got me thinking... You see all this shit happening around you, and it just looks off. Like, there is something wrong with the picture, but the plebs keep calling it art.

Like Fairy would always say,

"The bitches nowadays ain't shit."

I'm so glad to be out of the dating scene. I think back to my Tinder days, and I cringe at ALL the shit I put up with.

...Attention whoring,











...Straight up crazy bitches!

In fact, my ass cheeks are involuntarily clenching right now, I might have to go see a doctor.

Every girl thinks they're that famous influencer, or a Jessica Alba... Just because a few hundred thirsty, basement dwellers liked (to jizz on) their picture.

So what do they do?

They do whatever the fuck they want, cause they're "famous".

Once upon a time, there were people who called out that bad behavior. Now, if you criticize the thots in any way, shape, or form - You'll be crucified.



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