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Stop Making Out At Restaurants

It was Saturday night, and I was feeling tired.
And very thirsty.
So where do you go, when you "want to get drunk but nothing too wild..."

Apple Bee's.

I was barely halfway through my first mojito, when a young couple got seated behind us. Great...
This is only the 20-billionth time that I've seen a couple, like, eat each other's face while everyone is just trying to finish dinner... At a family restaurant.
I don't have very high hopes, I could just tell by looking at these two that they're degenerates. But who knows.
I usually run to the family restaurant when I want to avoid the thots. But sometimes, they come to me!
They were seated side-by-side, behind me. Yep... It's over. The classic exhibitionist position.
My girlfriend was sat facing them, and she kept telling me to look at how romantic the people sitting 2-inches behind me are being!

Awww! So cute!

It was absolutely disgusting... 

You are in a damn Apple Bee's. Not a fucking Adam & Eve,…

Men Going Their Own Way

I was at the bar, when I over heard two drunk dudes talking about M.G.T.O.W.

What the hell is MGTOW!?

Does it stand for,

...Malicious Green Titties Over Watch?

...Must Get Two Orgasms Win?

Or maybe,

...My Gunzzz Too Oversized Whoa!?


It actually stood for Men Going Their Own Way.

And this is the form of thinking that was prevalent before the cuck-storm washed everything away.

The funny part is, I also saw it while searching for those controversial blogs. But I didn't know what it was. I thought it was some hiking blog.

While sipping my Hen, I decided to start writing.

I actually wrote some of this at the bar.

I could hear a bit about what this MGTOW was all about. Trying to pay attention, without looking like it.

Bet they thought I was checking them out... Such toxic masculinity.

I've been searching for the new era of Tucker Max and BrosLikeThisSite - But there were none. Until I came upon MGTOW.

The day I stumbled upon RooshV, that was when I discovered the Manosphere. Ro…