Men Going Their Own Way

I was at the bar, when I over heard two drunk dudes talking about M.G.T.O.W.

What the hell is MGTOW!?

Does it stand for,

...Malicious Green Titties Over Watch?

...Must Get Two Orgasms Win?

Or maybe,

...My Gunzzz Too Oversized Whoa!?


It actually stood for Men Going Their Own Way.

And this is the form of thinking that was prevalent before the cuck-storm washed everything away.

The funny part is, I also saw it while searching for those controversial blogs. But I didn't know what it was. I thought it was some hiking blog.

While sipping my Hen, I decided to start writing.

I actually wrote some of this at the bar.

I could hear a bit about what this MGTOW was all about. Trying to pay attention, without looking like it.

Bet they thought I was checking them out... Such toxic masculinity.

I've been searching for the new era of Tucker Max and BrosLikeThisSite - But there were none. Until I came upon MGTOW.

The day I stumbled upon RooshV, that was when I discovered the Manosphere. RooshV had the exact same message as MGTOW, except like 10 years ago.

Their message was something that's always been on my mind, ever since this whole hipster thing took off. Like tying your hair into a bun to look like a samurai, when you're clearly NOT a samurai. And tranny 10-year olds stripping for old dudes...

That message was,

"These bitches ain't shit. And society is fucked..."

Women from the olden days were worth a man's respect. Nowadays, very few are worth it. But they're out there, in my 20+ years in the dating scene... I met one, and only one (that was like this).

I'm going to divert from my bedtime stories for a bit, and get on this soap box here.

Once upon a time, the minorities and the womens, were very discriminated against. The SJW movement started at a time when it was really needed.

Nowadays, it's just an excuse for them to do whatever the fuck they want. Social justice warrior-ing evolved from the good fight, into a fight against civilized society, into a fight against anything that doesn't give happy feelings.

The bitches had very legit reasons for being rustled. For one, there are no massage parlors geared towards women.

And that's a crime I can understand.

I can see why some bitches are just so goddamn bitchy... Our poor female friends haven't had an orgasm since 1992, they need to get that clit rubbed vigorously, pronto!

What annoys me, is how the thots are using it as a way to validate their whore-ness. They want to rebrand the word slut, into something a little more comfortable.

"Posting naked pictures on Reddit then asking random people to fuck me, doesn't make me a whore! Silly goose. I'm just being a whore so the body positive!"

You're still a whore.

"I'm a respectable person, who just happens to sell erotic videos online. I deserve the same respect as you, a lawyer, or even a doctor."

Not really.

Which is why we now have Men Going Their Own Way.


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