So I Joined SeekingArrangements #2

So I'm back for more!

This is going to be fun, lets dive into Gold Digger's Pond and see what we can fish up. 

26-years old, 5'4 tall, and average.

"Looking for fun dates, one time for coffee or more on-going as our schedules allow. FWB would be ideal with someone I really get along with. Not into the online only thing, I’d rather meet up. That said, I'm not a gold digger, I've got my reliable car, steady job I love, I don't love shopping (except for kitchen equipment), and I'm a homeowner. Really looking for experiences, mentorship, and to have a great time with interesting people, any assistance is appreciated and I'm grateful for our time together. Looking for a longer relationship if possible, short term is okay too. Send me a selfie with a time stamp for my phone number 😉"

 Aww, what a sweet and lovable personality!

*Full disclosure/transparency that I'm in a poly-ish relationship married to my lentil daddy, he knows and he checks in on my safety. If this is a dealbreaker, I totally understand. I have a lot of love to go around.*

And never mind.

Married...? In a poly-ish... Relationship?

He knows, and he checks on your safety? I don't know what I'm more impressed by.

...How honest you are about being a prostitute.


...The level of cuck, your sugar daddy managed to set for all the other cucks out there.


22-years old, 5'3 tall, and slim.

"Hi! My name is Brittney. I’m a wild and kind hearted 22 year old, and I just know that you’ll have a hard time keeping me off your mind. I’m a total sweetheart, with a lot of passion and fire in my soul. I’m a Libra, I love to love. I’m sensual, flirty, fun, and maybe at times a little bit promiscuous I’m definitely not your average girl on the site, but I’m also far from being an angel too. I have blonde hair and a beautiful smile. I have a petite figure, with some nice curves, (and a huge backside hehe) at 5’3, and 130 lbs. I love feeling sexy, so lingerie is almost a given, hehe. 

I want to be spoiled. Financial assistance is what brought me to the site, so please, start throwing your hard earned money at me 😝"


"I’m sensual, flirty, fun, and maybe at times a little bit promiscuous I’m definitely not your average girl on the site."

No, you are VERY much like the average girl on this site. 

It only took 10-seconds to find hundreds of Brittney's. And why the hell do you spell your name like that!? Brittney?

You're wrong! It's actually spelled, B-I-T-C-H-N-E-Y. 
Sometimes, we all just need a little more self-awareness. Not everyone can be a Heather Vahn, that girl is so beautiful... I would suck a fart out of that booty hole, like it was jello, and swallow it. There isn't even any question to the level of depravity that I would go to for her.
Now herein lies the problem, when everyone thinks they are a Heather Vahn or Madison Ivy, that is where things get a little funky. Like how inflation turned your $5000 beater into a $10,000 beater, we have hooker-nomics at work too. So now, we have the most average looking bitches, asking for porn star prices. PORN STAR prices... and there are idiots dumb enough to pay it. Our world is so fucked.


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