Clean Your Junk

Your dink, wiener, sausage... whatever you like to call it.

Trust me.

You probably stink and don't even know it! Just wait until you start dating a girl with an excellence sense of smell, you will have the biggest moment of self-discovery known to humankind. Your junk has stank all this time and... you did not even know. Think about all those sexual encounters, could they be holding a big bag of humiliation pie? Maybe all your friends already know about your dirty smelly little secret. And little it sure is.

I am uncircumcised, so it will be less work for those of you who are cumcized... and yes, I just said cumcized. 

Get some good soap, you could even use the stuff girls use, don't ask me how I know. Unroll every nook and cranny, and get some soap in there. From the head to the base, you need to scrub every SINGLE inch. Don't worry, it won't take long with those three inches. Stretch it out, unfold, unroll, do whatever you have to do to expose every part of your schlong.

Then once you are done, wash your ass.

Same story.

Now, when a girl goes down on you... you can be confident that her experience is pleasurable and WILL smell like shea butter tropical fruit coconut-infused serum splash.

And be careful if you take a piss, because it will ruin all your hard work.


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