Why Are People Driving With Their High Beams On


I thought cops pulled you over for that shit. And you know, having a loud cool exhaust.

Since when did people suddenly decide that was okay?

Let me tell you something, it is SO nice driving around at night... half-fucking-blind from a Prius going 20 miles under the limit... with their brights on. 

I drive a truck, since I want people to know that I'm pretty damn big. And being as big and tall as I, even I think being blinded is pretty fucking annoying. To which, the only natural response would be to ram their car off the road. Pull them out, and firmly remind them with my fists that driving around with your high beams on is pretty unsafe.

Too bad we are in 2022.

And apparently, the world has regressed to a simpler time.

A time when nobody knew how to turn off their high beams because we humans have just been riding around on our horses all this time. This fancy new technology, that can be turned off by pulling a fucking stick towards your fucking face... and it isn't just the occasional asshole, there are whole packs. So if you were to ram one off the road, three more would be right behind that one, ready to gang rape your eyes.

So... to the unaware, if you are driving around with your high beams on, turn them fucking OFF.


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