Why Does Everyone Have A OnlyFans Now

...it just looks desperate.

But hey, that's just me.

It's like, "you know what, I'm a future doctor" but let me post some nudes on Reddit real quick, for that thot high-score. It tingles in all the right places when literal hordes of mindless basement dwellers are MELTING over my body.

And when I say melt, I mean furiously masturbating into a sock... probably. But hey, use lube kids, or you'll chaff your wiener. And nobody wants a chaffed wiener.

So we got random titty pics posted online for that quick self-esteem, which is kind of funny, are these bitches endless voids of insecurity? Despite all the attention gushing from unmentionable places, their bucket never seems to get full.

And and endless cycle of nudes and simpin continues.

Well, I guess if people paid for my nudes, I'd probably take advantage of it too. But the issue is when everyone thinks they can do it. And trust me, not everyone can do it. Sure there is a niche for everything, but when you over-saturate your market with meh/10, you know what happens? No one is gonna pay for those titty pics anymore, and everything goes to the top 10% of our lovely "creators" which is a fancy term for I do butt stuff online.

Then we will get the inevitable YouTube video, with bitching and moaning... lots of bitching and moaning. Probably some tears and questioning the world. Why won't people pay for good content anymore!?

Why oh why?

Oh, we know why.


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