Women Just Need Admit They Like To Masturbate

 Why even bother jumping through all these hoops.

"Oh, it is female EMPOWERMENT! It is stunning... and brave..."

Just admit you like to jerk it like all these other depraved assholes, such as I. I mean, I got no shame in my game. If someone asks me, I will say yeah, I like jerkin this meat. No shame in that.

Women on the other hand, like to put a positive spin on pretty much anything they find a little... dirty. They will call it their delicate flower, yoni, bologna... whatever. You can trick yourself into thinking it is a spiritual connection, a sign of rebellion against those evil religious zealots, or maybe discovering a secret superpower that has been locked away by your, like, super strict parents. 

But it still is what it is.

Stroke those lips, for an electrifying and out-of-body experience. Connect your sex with your heart, and no, it isn't sex. It is tantra, building that connection with your charcoal or whatever.

Shut the fuck up, you are masturbating. And YOU are getting turned on by it. You are just cucking yourself and calling it a fancy name.

Just say you like getting your shit touched. There's no need to drag out a thesaurus and find a thousand different ways to say "feels good" and probably dayyummmmm.

If you really were empowered, you wouldn't be ashamed to say you enjoy rubbing that pussy... cause it feels good. I mean, I must be super empowered, cause I do it all the time to this beef stick. But I don't brag about it. I just beat it, make some sounds, maybe a funny face then go about my day.




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