Dumb Shit Reddit Girls Say

Check this out fellas.

Hello ladies! I'm not the best at making posts. I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I felt this would be a great thread to post!

When it comes to dating, what are your deal-breakers that make you say, "I'm definitely not giving the scrote a chance." I definitely believe that is a great thing to have standards.

I'll start. These are my dating deal-breakers:

    No Job.
    No Car.
    Lives with his mom.
    Hates feminism.
    Hates children.
    Has gone to prison and is a convict.
    Smokes cigarettes. Smoking cannabis is okay, since it doesn't stink as bad and I support cannabis in general.
    I just need to stop here and say, what a dumb bitch. First of all, I had to fix a bunch of grammatical errors, and I'm not even halfway down the list.

    He does drugs/is an alchoholic. (Cannabis is the only drug I'm cool with, and I hardly consider it a drug to begin with.)
    Plays Call Of Duty. I HATE that game and I find it so stupid. Halo is definitely better.
    Has no Ambition.
    Is a stage 5 clinger. Dude. Have a life, please. Please have some hobbies of some sort lol.
    Is a misogynist. Yeah, no.
    Is full of himself and always talks about himself.
    Is Porn sick.
    Is entitled.
    If he has any sort of personality disorder.
    Is an incel, Red piller, PUA, or MGTOW.
    Disrespects me in anyway. 

    Kind of hard to respect someone who likes To capitalize Random words.

    I can't believe someone actually took the time to type this SHIT. Then sat back and thought,

    "My work is done, I will now show the world this masterpiece. Fellow females shall rally behind me and demand better from our twig and berried humanoids. I am obviously perfect cause my vagina says so."

    Then she drones on,

    Is a gamer. I don't mind video games. But gamers take it to a whole other level. Most are lazy and game from sun up to sun down, they are mostly unemployed, and you'll come second to their "hobby."

    And there was a nice eye-roll emoji at the end.

    Every ex that I dated that was a gamer was a huge *******. Never again.

      Has no hobbies.
      Has no friends.
      Is Emotionally Unavailable/Distant. Has an avoidant attachment style.
      Is Physically Unavailable.
      Is Racist or Homophobic/Acephobic/Transphobic.
      Is a religious fundamentalist.
      He isn't kind. I don't like people who bully others. It's a huge turn off.
      Married/Taken men. **** off with that ****. I'm not a homewrecker.

      You're not a homewrecker. Baby, you won't need to worry about that.

      Is uneducated.

      Says the girl who can't spell.


        Isn't family oriented. Is distant from his family. (Doesn't count if his family was abusive/toxic to him.)
        Doesn't care about being healthy.
        Only wants to hang out late at night. ****boy red flag right there.

        This bitch needs to get out of the house more.

          Hates animals and is abusive to animals.
          Abusive towards children.
          Doesn't respect his mother.
          Says all of his exes were crazy AND he trash talks them all the time. Huge red flag of a narcissist right there.
          Recently divorced/ got out of a relationship. Rebound alert lol.

            Actually it's more like, RETARD ALERT!

            Is a controlling control freak.
            Is Codependent. It's unhealthy.
            Has ever cheated in the past.
            The conversation is dull af.
            Has ever paid for sex or had sex with a sex worker.
            He's a Republican/Conservative.
            Is pro-life.
            Claims he's a "Nice Guy. I respect women." Don't say it. Show it.
            Has a blank bio or a very lazy/short bio. Really dude? :/
            Is lazy and expects me to do everything. Chores, take care of him, etc. Umm. I want an equal partner. Not a man baby. I'm not your mother, dude. 🙄
            Has no male friends.
            Has never had a long term relationship.
            Is bad with kids.
            Has interest in very young women or very old women. Creepy af.
            Is over 10 years older than me.
            Has no female friends.
            Is a playboy/player/****boy.
            Is hot and cold.
            Is selfish in bed.
            hates cats.

              If I think of any more, I'll edit this post and add them in there.

              6 figures. 6 pack. 6 foot.

              And you thought we were done. Not even close boyo!

              Those are my broad filters. if they don't meet these three then they're not even worth talking to. While these are all great traits to have in and of themselves they also mean that other dealbreakers are already met (a guy making 6 figs is clearly motivated and has a plan for his future. With a 6 pack he's disciplined and takes care of his health etc). Once i actually start seeing a guy seriously then my more specific dealbreakers become:

              Reading this shit is literally dumbing me down.

              "If they don't meet these three, they're not even worth talking to."

              Consumes video games/porn/drugs
              Poor relationship with his mother/sister/grandmother
              "Playboy" type. Talking about his numerous exes or other women all the time.
              Tries obviously negging me. i can take some playful remarks but if he's doing it just to gauge my reactions then he can **** off
              No hobbies outside of work or going to the bar or hanging with his friends. Find something interesting to do with your life bro.

                There are more but these are the major ones i can think of right now.

                  right winger/conservative
                  religious (I'm an atheist and suffered a great deal with my super religious family)
                  homophobic, especially biphobic
                  one of modern liberal male "feminists" who are pro-prostitution, or prioritize trans women over bio women. No straight-up transphobes tho (I pity everyone who doesn't see the difference between the two)
                  hardcore Marxists who hate feminism although they would never admit it. I was once a super leftie commie pickmeisha, never again
                  uses degrading terms like "slut", "whore", for ANY woman

                  You know what this bitch needs? She needs 20 cats, pronto!

                  What a time to be alive.

                  We got iPhones with THREE fucking cameras, but we can't solve the world-wide epidemic of  grossly overconfident 3 out of 10s.

                    has no social media
                    likes to mock people for having normal interests, acts like he's above everything
                    has no female friends/close connection to any woman in his life besides his romantic partner
                    enables other men's ****ty behavior (!!!!!!!) - a HUGE one for me hha

                    God damn.

                    Even Jesus Christ himself, wasn't this demanding.


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