Stupid Pedestrians

Between the tweakers and the snobby rich bitches... man... what a time to be alive.

You need to turn right, you are holding up the whole world, and there it is. The asshole pedestrian. Also known as the snob.

They simply do not cross the crosswalk, they need to walk as slow as possible. Strut that ass, maybe even show off that $400 homeless-inspired blazer a bit.

These people think everyone is staring cause they jelly, jelly cause you ain't them. Well I have some bad news, that isn't the look of jealously, that is me fighting this uncontrollable urge to run you the fuck over.

Then we got tweakers that randomly dart into the street. They're like rabbits, they wait until you are close enough to kill them, then they cross the street.

I've had so many close calls, one of these days I'm going to drunkenly... er... accidentally run over one. If you're gonna roam around town tweaked the fuck out, use the damn signal. Do the world a favor, I don't want to have to fix a big ass dent and/or clean blood off my windshield.

If you are a normal person who is just straight up stupid. Listen up! Cross the fucking street as fucking fast as you the fuck can. That is all you gotta do, then you can go jerk off into the bushes if you want. No one cares.

Teach your kids to not be like your insufferable, obnoxious, piece of shit ass.


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