Everything Is So Expensive

I remember a few years ago, I could rent a decent townhouse for $1,500 a month. Now? NOW!?!? Even a shit shack is $1,800+

And... my lovely landlords are raising the rent.

So I can pay a little more out the ass... and stay. Or I could really pay out the ass, by moving to another place. 

Talk about getting fucked on both ends. Now I have to choose between having two maids and a landscaper... or just one maid and a landscaper.

Meanwhile, my wages are the same. Which is the same story for pretty much everyone out there. I remember there used to be a day when someone making my exact wage, could support an ENTIRE family on their own. And this wasn't that long ago, maybe 5-10 years? Now?  Don't even get me started.
So I was looking for a new Jeep, and the prices absolutely blew me away. And not the good kind of blow, either. You'd be staring at $70,000 minimum out the door for a 2022 Jeep, doesn't matter which model it was. And if you wanted the fancy Rubicon, that is supercar level pricing. Cool thing was, I found out they had a bunch of different engine options. You could get a hybrid, diesel, 4-cylinder, and V6. I personally liked the diesel one, because it reminds me of my brodozer.
So I looked for used Jeeps, and the prices still swept me off my goddamn feet.
How does someone making minimum wage even survive in this shit? You literally cannot afford anything except the shittiest of shit. And even then, you'd be stuck there forever unless you found a way to make well over $100,000 a year.


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