Finance Blogs Are A Joke

Every single person... gives the SAME fucking advice.

Which in turn, causes them to slide in the same sponsors. The same sponsors for 99% of the other sites.

Seriously, search how to make $1 million dollars, and you will see what I am talking about. As you click through the results, you will feel slightly nauseous. Like your whole life has been a lie, you were inside a giant water sack hooked up to flashy thingys. There is some funny business going on. 
And not the funny business in my pants. 
Why am I reading the same shit over and over, you ask. It is because you are.

Are people just copy and pasting? Am I missing something? Maybe there is a secret message hidden in these paragraphs telling me I need to buy rental property... no, I found it... it is in the investing section and I should do it as soon as possible by clicking this sponsored link because without them, this shitty site wouldn't exist!

Oh shit, I found the secret to making money rain from the sky!

You seriously cannot expect me to believe there are only 5 ways to get rich. And all of them are the same!? I will tell you one not on the list right now, OnlyFans. But that's only if you are hot, so that counts me out.
Why do they all recommend the same shit? Buy rental property, invest, start a blog, sell ebooks, eat some live shit on YouTube... this cookie-cutter nonsense needs to stop. 
First of all, if I am broke, how the hell am I supposed to buy a house for people to rent? I can't even afford a house for ME, let alone, have a spare one to hand out for pocket change. And what was that? Write a damn book? How is a random nobody, such as I, going to make money from writing books? I could write about all the times I jerked off and how great it was. That would be a good one. And don't even get me started on investing, let's invest in all these stocks which are crashing faster than my hopes and dreams in 2022. Don't kid yourself, as soon as that life savings you just dropped on Amazon dipped 10%, you are going to bail. Congrats, you just lost 10% of your life savings for nothing!


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