Funny Reddit Moments #1

As much as I love to hate on Reddit, there are some genuine people there. One moment you're talking about stocks and the next you're dreaming of sunburned tits.

LowExpression5284 · 8 hr. ago
What’s Reddit?

DieselBusthe5th · 7 hr. ago
It's a type of mammal that moves by jumping

CaptCreeps · 5 hr. ago
That’s a rabbit, a Reddit is a small red root vegetable

TonyDanzaTheBoss · 5 hr. ago
That’s a radish. Reddit is the sound a frog makes.

BenBastik · 5 hr. ago
That's rebbit. Reddit is when you are done reading something.

snowynuggets · 4 hr. ago
Thats Read it. Reddit is like a type of bat with a round or oval frame typically used in tennis or badminton.

Pilgrim146_ · 4 hr. ago
That's a racquet. Reddit is a cylindrical projectile that can be propelled to a great height or distance by the combustion of its contents, used typically as a firework or signal.

SirDouglasMouf · 4 hr. ago
That's a rocket. Reddit is a local delicacy commonly found in the form of a sauce. It's customary to pour it on top of "awesome"

katina74 · 4 hr. ago
That's Red Hot. Reddit is a type of optic that is typically used closer ranges, normally around 100 yards or less. They are easy to use and can assist first time shooters.

ourob0rus · 4 hr. ago
That's a red dot. Reddit is a permanent metal fastener.

That's a Rivet. A Reddit is when you take the cartridge out of the console and/or start the gaming system over without powering off.
TonyDanzaTheBoss · 2 hr. agoThat’s reset. Reddit is what happens when my wife’ mammary glands get too much Sun.
Those are red tits. Really nice ones, BTW.

Reddit is a species of bird in the family Paridae. It is found in Kenya and Tanzania. Its natural habitat is dry savanna.

Then we got the guy that had to be the buzzkill...

Accomplished-Tax8117 · 3 hr. ago
That’s Raditz. Reddit is someone who doesn’t know he enjoys white privilege.
Congrats you lived up to your name and accomplished being about as fun as your username... Taxes. Some people can't let the politics go for one second, I mean everyone was just having a good time, then this asshole had to jump in and scream, "HEY, HOW ABOUT THAT SYSTEMIC RACISM? PRETTY FUNNY, AMIRIGHT!?"

How about you shut the fuck up and crawl back into the Twittersphere, people are busy having fun.


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