How To Be A Good Driver 101

I can't believe I need to even write this, since all these driving schools should be teaching people how to fucking drive.

First off, don't use your fucking high-beams at night when people are around. And don't play with your goddamn phone while driving... Jesus Christ. Learn to not be a lazy piece of shit, and say thank you to people.

Give the car in front adequate personal space, so if someone decides to slam on their brakes, you can like fucking stop without ramming their ass.

Drive the speed limit, at a minimum... not fucking 10 miles per hour below it, or be a fucking menace and go 20 above it. If you want to be slow, stay in the right lane. No one gives a fuck if your eyes are tired or if you've had a rough day, get the fuck out of my way.

See what I just did there?

Learn when to be aggressive and when to back off. Like if there's a giant semi just inches from fucking up your shit, then fucking step on it. Don't sit there and hesitate right next to it. Pass it or stay behind it... simple. Same rules apply to cars, nobody likes looking at you.

And don't do drugs or drive around fucked up, for the love of God. Everyone can see you swerving around, and generally being weird as fuck on the road. Okay? The cops won't do anything anymore, but you could just try not being a piece of shit. Our world is already full of shitty people. You don't need to shit on top of it. If you wanna drive drunk and take yourself out, that's whatever. But don't take out some innocent person just minding their own business, who probably didn't want some asshole killing them.

Learn how to stop at a stop sign... I can't believe this is above some people's head. Whoever stops first, goes first. That is it. There is nothing hard about this. If you weren't paying attention, then let the other person go. Let's say you roll up and there was already a car there, obviously they would fucking go before you. I have seen a person fuck that up, believe it or not.
What is up with all these people who cannot wait a few minutes. Dumb asses that just NEED to squeeze past cars to turn or whatever, and sometimes it's so close, the fucking mirrors are only a couple inches away. And car damage isn't cheap, is your time so precious that you'd rather risk fucking up a new car? Now if you got a piece of shit car and don't care about fucking up other people's things, then fuck you. You are the reason this world is so shit.

Merging on the freeway is a fun one, revel in the fact that there are people dumb enough to fight each other just to be ONE spot ahead... then sit in traffic. Nose to ass, ass to nose, for miles and miles. Really, this is just common sense. If there is someone trying to get on, and you can let them in without going out of your way, just fucking do it. It is just a much better experience when people at least try not being petty mother fuckers.


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