How To Be Polite On The Road

I believe we could end world hunger and solve ALL our problems, with a simple gesture.

Like at a stop sign which you both come to at the same time, if the other person gives you the "go ahead", don't be shy...give them a wave and then another when you know they can see that shit.

Don't be like my girlfriend and flash the fucking peace sign down between her legs, who is gonna see that!? Who? No one. That whose fucking who. 

Then there are those people who think they're too good for that low-class bullshit,

"Me!? Say thank you? No one has time for that, I'm too fucking important. Mmmmmkay?"

You're also probably too important to wash your ass, eh? You unwashed smelly ass mother fucker. In a world full of shitty people, let's make America fucking polite again!

Ever notice how there seems to be more and more assholes, EVERYWHERE!? What is up with that? Let me tell you why. You see, an asshole is like a contagious STD, the moment you touch it... that's it. Done deal, you got shit on you.

The answer is really simple, just don't be a piece of shit. If you encounter an asshole, target only that person. There are people that like to just lash out at everyone and anyone. Even though the person that originally pissed them off is long gone. How stupid is that? Yo, this asshole in the red car cut me off then they had the audacity to escape me! I'm still mad, so I'mma just go and cut off the next person that tickles my pickle. 

It's like, bruh. That person had nothing to do with it, now you just pissed them off. And then the cycle continues until the end of time. Because who wants to be the bigger person and let shit go? Not me, that's fucking who.



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