People Can't Even Be Serious At A Funeral

As a testament to how much people suck in 2022, or maybe they always sucked and this is peak asshole.

I was at a funeral today for a friend who lost his battle to cancer.

What I saw from the people around me... it was straight up shit. A total lack of respect, they might as well have pissed on the grass then set up a nice picnic. 

Luckily, about 10% of the attendees were adult enough to be serious for a couple hours. So not all hope was lost. As for the rest of them? These weren't young punks or little kids, these were old-ass mother fuckers. People old enough to be your grand parents, so they sure as hell should be old enough to know how to act at a funeral.

We got people:

-whining about the sun.

-taking selfies.

-bragging about their kids.

-dressing hella slutty.

-acting like they just didn't want to be there.

Just having a jolly good time, laughing, smiling, chilling in the sun... at a fucking funeral. I don't understand, if you got better things to do, then go do it. Don't come to someone's funeral then disrespect them like that.

The amount of fucks given was absolutely depressing. You are so fucking greedy, you can't even give a couple hours of your time. It's not like they are going to die again next week... this is the final good bye before they go into the hole forever.

For those of you who thinks the world revolves around them, grow the fuck up, shut the fuck up, and sit the hell down.


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