Showing Off Your Gucci

Is there really a point in flexing anymore?

The old lady bought me a Burberry hat, it is black with a B on it... for $300. I mean, sure it is a nice and feels kinda soft. But for $300!? FOR A HAT? 

I think we have reached a point where people will spend pretty insane amounts of fucking money, for cheap fucking shit, with some stupid fucking logo, probably a stupid fucking picture that's supposed to be edgy and cool, and all from some stupid fucking brand.

If you are living in any major city, look around you, you are standing on a pile of shit. What is even the point in flexing anymore?

When our world was still fun and full of life, you could show off and other people would compete against you to see who had the most money to waste, it was a jolly good time. But now, everyone is getting their shit eaten by inflation and by people out to gouge you even more because "inflation". So by showing off, all you are really saying is that you are too rich to care and fuck all those sour and bitter middle-class assholes trying to look richer than they are.

Plus, unless you save that shit for special occasions, you're just wearing that $200 t-shirt like a $20 t-shirt. Which means you'll probably get it dirty, drop ketchup on it, get jizz stains, all that good stuff. Except now, instead of ruining a $20 shirt, you just ruined a $200 shirt. Which means, you will now need a $500 shirt because those are jizz-proof.

As an added bonus, you know what happens when you are wearing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in pure style? It makes you a target. For who? You'll find out when they stick a Glock 26 in your mouth and tell you to strip.

Nowadays, the shit people wear is so ugly, most people won't even know it is expensive unless you tell them. So why not just buy regular stuff that looks good on you.



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