Why Can't I Play As A Girl

In a game that is based on the story of a random bruh...?

Why do I have to play as a girl in Tomb Raider?

Reddit is my favorite place to find cringe people trying to sound high and mighty, that safe edgy feeling which gives libs that tickle in their naughty bits.

Check this out.

The absence of a female model option in Sekiro: What’s the best explanation for SOFTWARE’s decision???

Right up front, I’m a woman gamer and I’m old! Also I definitely tend towards being a SJW so watevs. I’ve beaten DS2&3 and BB and yes I’m sure I’ve cheesed my way through to a certain extent. I’m going to buy Sekiro and attempt to play it after I finish Dark Souls remastered. Sekiro looks beautiful and I love the idea of aggressive play and an emphasis on deflection rather than blocking and dodging. I suspect I won’t get far but that’s fine. I’m happy for the players who find many games to be obvious and boring, but the gender thing pisses me off.

To answer my own question and obviously without having played the game, I think the developers wanted to make a game that honored their own conservative perspective on Japanese history where the warrior classes (Ronin. Shenobi) were only available to men. To me faithfulness to artistic vision and/or financial considerations aren’t enough to explain the fact that these developers who previously offered a gender option have decided not to with this game. Also, I’m not buying the truth to historical fact argument because ffs it’s a fantasy game, right? If they can introduce monsters and magic prosthetic arms, why not let me play a Shizuoka model rather than Sekiro model?

I mean... I get where this person is going. But do I care? No. Whatevs!

Sure, you can play as a girl in ALL these other games. But lets just pick on this particular one. And your biggest gripe about it is... the lack of gender options?

Yeah, ignore 99 percent of the game. You simply cannot play this game due to a lack of tits and vagina.

I bet you this SJW was hoping for roving bands of angry feminists to rise up against this tyranny. But sadly, the response to her conundrum was a little lack luster.

In this particular case, the game is called Sekiro. It is about a guy... named... Sekiro. Because the story is based around... a guy... named Sekiro. So you play as this guy called... Sekiro.


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