Why Is Prostitution Still Illegal

So it is 2022...

Why can't two consenting adults fuck each other for some cold, hard cash? I mean, are we still blaming old Christian ladies for being too uptight? Do we even care what Conservatives think anymore? Why are Progressives, progressive enough to let you choose your own gender... yet, you cannot get some cheeks clapping for 300 bucks. And that's 300+ an HOUR, you know anyone else making that much to fuck? Not me.

I'd do it for free, in fact, I'd even go negative profit.

There's plenty of crime going around for cops to stay busy. So it can't be that the cops need the busy work, chasing around all those hookers.

What is it that makes the oldest profession so scary? More scary than weed, heroin, and going around stealing shit (but only as long as it's under $500 worth of shit).

Okay, so we have an epidemic of laziness. Tons of open jobs and not enough people willing to burn their life away for shit. So how do you solve this? Let all those lonely virgins, such as I, have a juicy reward for selling our souls to the corporations! What better way to let off some steam by visiting your favorite escort at the end of a long workweek? Amiright? You'd have the entire economy up and running in a jiffy.

No bullshit games, what the fuck is courtship even supposed to be nowadays? Go on Tinder, throw out that "wassup bitch" dredging net, and fork over some cash for an all-inclusive dinner at Denny's...? Then??? Go home and jerk off? No no no. Get straight to the point, wham-bam and smell ya later. The entire dating scene is fucked for 98% of the fellas out there anyways, so why not cut out all the bullshit and get what we really came for. And came I did.

To be honest, you might as well make it legal. Since it will soon be affordable for most people. We got girls on TNAboard colluding with each other, basically creating a cartel of pussy. You want some? Well you ain't getting some unless you fork over $400. And there are zero alternatives, since they are all in on it. 

Well done.


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