Anyone Else Watch Lesbian Pron ONLY

People think I am weird.
What do you think?

There is no greater joy than looking at some naughty females (preferably oiled), without any sweaty balls in the way. At first, I watched traditional porn. But over time, my tastes changed to what it is now. So this isn't something I've never experienced, but more of a finely tuned taste.
I mean, there were a couple times I clicked on a video, and it ended up being a girl... with a little wiener. Which was a total accident. I did not watch any further to see how nice their ass was or anything like that. No way. Nope.
I mean, as much fun as it is, watching a hot chick get railed... hard... really hard. It just really isn't all that FUN, knowmsayin? like I'm watching someone else fuck, while I'm over here just jerkin it, like a fucking loser. 

Sure, it might not really matter. But I guess there is a sense of pride that I got.

On the flip side, I really enjoy seeing myself in the videos though. Every single one, of my many homemade videos, each one is my baby... my pride and joy. I guess I'm just a conceited asshole, who loves himself too much? Seeing me do the fucking is okay, but I don't like looking at someone else do it.

Anyone else like that too?

Just a second, let me go off on a little tangent. Real fucking talk, you should love yourself like that too. I mean, I am proud that I'm can look at myself and think that is one fine piece of meat. If you cannot love yourself but instead prefer worshiping someone else, well that is where cuckhold porn comes from. If you can't be proud of what you got, then fix it.

My friends like to ask me, why? Am I afraid to look at some succulent wiener?

"Are you worried you might end up switching teams?"


I mean when you see a well-chiseled fucking machine, there is nothing to control this torrential flow of emotion and raw, unadulterated lust... in my pants.

So that must why they all enjoy watching that shit too.

Anyways, back to me. I love watching girls play with each other, did that sound pedo creepy to anyone else? Oh well. Especially oily women... with big fake knockers... preferably blonde... under 130 pounds, and a perfect hip-to-waist ratio.

Oh God, it's happening in my pants again.


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