Betas Hating On Trucks

Browsing Reddit, was mistake number one.

But my second mistake was actually reading what people had to say, and the explosive diarrhea of "I dOn'T dRiVe A TrUcK CaUsE I aIn't OnE Of THOSE peOpleZzzZzz" speaks a lot about our society. We are full of fucking r... respectable people.

First off, I drive a truck, and that bitch is more fuel efficient than my Lexus IS350. Because we have the technology to shut off shit while cruising now, so if I don't punch it everywhere, it will shut down 4 cylinders therefore making my truck a Honda Civic. Can your entitlement fueled Subaru Outbacks do that? I don't think so. At least, I think incels drive Outbacks. Right? So uh, whatever those nerds drive, that is what's fueled by their tears.

But wait you say,

"Why do you even need all that truck?"

How about you mind your own fucking business? 

Because I just like driving one???

Why do you like getting pegged? Shouldn't you enjoy being the one that's fucking instead?

Wanna know why I enjoy driving a truck, and you enjoy getting reamed in the ass via strap-on? Because it's fucking personal preference. It doesn't matter what you think, I do what I like to do, and you can continue... getting pegged.

We have so many problems out there... yet, we still got people with enough free time to worry about what I drive... I'm sure me not using my truck for truck things, is going to really matter, when we get nuked back to simpler times. But let's all worry about the scary greenhouse gasses from my stock V8. It's not like anything else gets a monstrous, baby-killing V8. Like Mustangs, Cameros, Chargers, Yukons, Expeditions, vegetable juice, and so much more.

Those assholes who modify their trucks to burn more fuel, so they could roll coal... I guess there is a point there... but it's also pretty cool, and in the grand scheme of things, kinda wasteful.

And so what if I'm overcompensating? Get over it.

Just because your broke ass cannot afford a truck or even the gas to run one, does that mean other people can't?

Maybe I should drive a SUV? That is the soccer mom's vehicle of choice. Just think how environmentally friendly and democratic it is, you see them at Hillary Clinton rallies, climate-change rallies, LGBT rallies... if there is a rally, you can bet your ass there will be a rainbow SUV.

So I should be good right? It has the same engine and transmission as a truck... it just doesn't look like one. But this isn't about that, this is about those truck-bros and their brodozers. They hate what it represents: beer, guns, Murica, cowboy hats, freedom, hard-working Americans, masculinity, strength... which are all hallmarks of which political spectrum? So turn off that high and mighty bullshit, and get off your soap box. This is Reddit, so it's all just another political rant disguised as something else.

It's not like all those tweakers with their beat up shit boxes, getting an astounding 3 MPG, are any more fuel efficient. But I digress.



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