Everything Gets More And More Shitty

Expensive... and fucking shitty.

From junk food, cars, houses, to something as simple as a fucking toilet seat cover.

...and you don't want to even want to know how airplanes are being slapped together, here in the great U. S. of A. If you knew, you'd probably cut down on that vacation budget a bit. Hiring brand new, lazy, 20-something mother fuckers to... I don't know, install things that could make a plane fall from the fucking sky? Instead of leaving the bruh there who knows what they're doing!? 

No, that just makes too much sense.

Let us replace the expert with someone who will sit on their phone all day, then lazily bolt things to the fucking plane every 20 minutes or so. Did they even use a torque wrench? Who knows, feels tight? YOLO!

The best part is, once this person gets good at what they're doing, the cycle will start again. New management who thinks they know what is best, making the exactly same choices as the last guy.

So no more corporate bullshit, lets talk about toilet seat covers. You know, those little things you slap on public toilets before you sit down? Before you spray shit every fucking where EXCEPT the toilet.

They have been getting thinner and thinner,  it will literally tear before you can even fan it out. Especially with these corporate cost cutters around here. I'm sure if they could get away with making you use leaves and tree bark, you'd be wiping your ass with used syringes. Right now.

There are so many levels of dead weight, also known as, management. But companies need them to... I don't know... give blowjobs? I cannot even fathom why paying someone $150,000+ a year to read emails is a good idea. While the people actually building stuff is the first one to get shit on?

But I digress.

Okay now I am REALLY done.

Food tastes shitty, and costs even more than when it was good. Mercedes is now making you pay  micro-transactions for a car you already paid for. Rent for a fucking trap house is $2000+, and this isn't even in the city, you're gonna have to pay out the ass for gas to sell drugs.

Everyone is getting squeezed, from your high paid seat warmers to the local drug dealer. Who isn't getting fucked by the current state of our economy?


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