People Walking In Groups Are So Dumb

Another beautiful aspect of people we consider civilized human beings, which transcends race and political affiliation.

If you think,


"Oh, only certain kinds of people do that"

You can shut the fuck up right there.

You... are... all... equally... highly regarded. 

 Which means stupid as FUCK. Seriously, how hard can it be. Walking on a damn sidewalk, it is easy right? No, most people are too stupid to even get that right.

Imagine this, you are walking alone on a walkway, sidewalk, tunnel, sky bridge, or whatever the hell you people walk on. Let's also imagine it is narrow, which should be pretty obvious, there is no fucking way you'll fit legions of oblivious phone zombies. 

Now, imagine they weren't on their phones. But they SEE you coming, and yet... they still decide that taking up the whole walkway, by walking 2 or 3 wide... is a good idea. Oh, it gets better. Then when you decide to fuck those retards by powering through them, they look at you like you are the asshole.

Who raised these people?

Fucking animals?

We got people from all walks of life, from engineers to mechanics. Everyone is so far up in their own assholes, they're probably too busy licking their kidneys to see what it tastes like.

Is this an American thing?

Because everyone says Americans are assholes, so it gotta be just another Murica thing. I refuse to believe the rest of the world is as full of degenerates, as we are. I am sure even fucking ISIS will respect the unspoken rules of sidewalks, because if you don't, they'll just chop your head off.

I mean, it isn't like walkways were meant for people to go both fucking directions or anything. It is first come first serve right? If you claim the entire thing first, then everyone else has to jump into vehicle fucking traffic to get around you.

How hard is it to get into single file?

Probably pretty damn difficult, because no one seems to know how to do it. Save for a few souls left in the world with some fucking decency.


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