People Who Leave Stupid Reviews

I just do not understand these people.

Belinda... if you understood it might have been a busy night, then why bother leaving a 3-star review. pretend to be understanding, then leave a shitty review anyways.

"The food has been great all those other times, but I'm just gonna leave them a bad review because they had one bad day."
Granted, 3-stars isn't as bad as the over-dramatically entitled fucks who basically have a meltdown. But I'm too lazy to find them to use as an example.
So... if YOU screw up, you probably want people to understand... be compassionate... look at things from your perspective... and on and on and on. But people make mistakes, it is just a part of being human. But if other people make mistakes, oh noooooooooooooooooooo! They should be ashamed of themselves! They are the ones who are supposed to be professional perfect, mistakes will not be tolerated and will be reflected accordingly in dumb as fuck reviews.
Some people should seriously have their internet privileges taken away.

Plus, it is Jack In The Box. What were you expecting? A 5-star gourmet dinner from Gordon fucking Ramsey?

Here we got lazy mother fuckers, ordering junk food through DoorDash, and COMPLAINING about food being sloppily put together. Sure, you overpaid for some shitty food. But that is your fault for being lazy, am I right? DoorDash is the one fucking you over, not Jack In The Box.

Then we have our hero over here on Amazon. The brah gave a 1-star review because this BB gun looked too real. Well fucking duh bruh. Didn't you see the picture when you fucking BOUGHT that shit? You dumb shit.

Well maybe you shouldn't have bought it for your kid, with your eyes closed while using that tic tac to tap BUY NOW.


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