Leo's Wisdom

1. Clubbing Just For Girls

2. Taking Advice About Women, From Women?

3. Don't Try To Get Laid At A Nightclub

4. How To Tell If She Is Ratchet

5. Ways To Meet Girls

6. Aggressiveness In Getting Dates

7. Strip Club Lessons 

8. The Reality Of Women

9. Talking To A Random Girl

10. To Avoid Being Used By Women

11. Why Hating Yourself Is Good

12. Buying Girls Presents

13. Buying A Girl Drinks

14. Ultimate Reason You Are Single

15. Creating The Douche Bag

16. When You Got A Really Small One

17. What I Think It Is Like To Be Rich

18. What I Think It Is Like To Be Female

19. That's It, I Am Disconnecting

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