Where Are The Controversial Blogs

Where did you guys hide all the controversial, unfiltered, funny bloggers?

I miss the olden days of Tucker Max and BrosLikeThisSite.

Nowadays... EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Is either sold-out or cucked-out.

I'm just going to have a couple shots, then lets talk about the current state of our internet.

I did a quick Google search for controversial blogs, and I was given a list. And in that list were two that stood out to me.

So I decided to check them out.

What I read was the exact same shit you would find in a billion other blogs.

The Roosh site had some good content from back in the day. It was all too woke, and very ahead of it's time. But all the new stuff is just shameless self-promotion, mixed in with influencer crap. And the ads that,


Jesus Christ.

I will solemnly promise you all right here and now: Friday, July 26, 2019 at 9:20 PM.

I will never sell myself out, or become a cucked out bitch. Here is why,


Crazy Old White Guy

It's been a while since I had an interesting story happen BEFORE the drinking even started.


I did kind of have a beer... Before driving. 😀

So I guess, technically, the drinking had already begun.

Anyways, I made it to the girlfriend's condo in one piece. Because if I didn't, you probably wouldn't have anything to read right now!

As I drove in, I noticed some old guy walking around the entrance in the dark. That's... Uh... Weird...?

"Shouldn't this old fart be at home, knitting a sweater or something? Better stay out of my way, or I'mma run his old ass over."
So I drove around the bend, cruising gently over all the speed bumps.

There we go, found the perfect visitor spot!

I look in my mirror and there's that old guy again, he's walking right towards me. Okay? What the hell does this guy want? Whatever, I ignore his ass. I don't care what he wants.

I'm just trying to back into my spot. But this crazy, old, white guy was jus…

Cottage Cheese

Alcohol has made me do some pretty... Shameful stuff. But nothing has given me more regret about my life choices, than this one time.

I look back at those fond memories with a... Very sad feeling. The same feeling you would get if you had sex with a sheep out of desperation.

That night I had a little too much to drink. And while driving home (no Uber, because I'm a bad-ass), I noticed something.

My wiener was a little horny.

"Hey, wassup little guy? You hungry?"
There was this escort near me, that I used to see.

I paid for her services way too many times to count, with each time pulling out my best moves. Eventually I broke through the "this is strictly business" bullshit. I mean really, that's what they all say.

If you got enough game, you can fuck any girl for free.

Whether it be hookers, strippers, or your friend's sisters. The world is your oyster, you just need to know how to eat it.

So we began spending more time together.

Just as I had planned. Mu…

Tall Cambo The Wife Beater

Life really IS mysterious.

And like life, alcohol works in mysterious ways. One second, they're looking pretty normal... The next, they're choking their wife.

The gang congregated at Tall Cambo's house. And tonight was not gonna end well... For me.

As you know from my other stories - Tall Cambo likes to drink. Then force everyone around him to drink... Until you're puking intestines on to the floor.

So coming over his home is a bad idea. A really... Bad... Idea.

I called an Uber, trying to be responsibly not-responsible. But I should have just drove, because of this.

"Hey wassup Uber bro, I have a question. So I'm going to a party, is it okay if I brought a 24-pack with me?"
"Hey, thank you for letting me know and for being upfront."
Alright! Sounds like we got this in the bag!

"But it is against my religion to transport alcohol."

"What? So that means you won't drive me, if I brought this sinful 24-pack of panty-dropping…

The People Of Reddit

And no... I don't read any of that regular, boring bullshit.

I hear from my friends over at the MISC that Reddit is like 90% liberal, so that right there would be a problem.

I'm only here to look at the girls.

This is something I've noticed over a long period of time. After many... Many... Many nights of drinking, while purveying in the fine art of nude bitches.

Am I the only one that noticed this?

Let me lay it out.

*Girl Posts Picture*

"Feeling cute, might delete later. I'm not sure yet LOLZ!"

"I'm so lonely! Someone come fuck me, I'm wet and ready for you!"
And yet, has a disclaimer in her profile that any creepers who DM her will get blocked? 😂


"Sign up for my premium Snap! $90! Anyone!?"

"I'mma do all you cucks a favor, and show you my tits. Here..."
Then said cucks, come and proclaim how grateful they are.


"I've always been really shy about MAH BODEH. But thanks to Reddit, I'…